27 August, 2007

STEELE: Abe Foxman: Holocaust Denier

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  7. 3 Responses to “STEELE: Abe Foxman: Holocaust Denier”

    1. lies and revision Says:

      excellent article… websites “knights templars” and “Italian freemasonic” connections may show a connection…. remember this, Israel is the mother load of world wide feemasonry, and the jewish sicilian brotherhood..It’s ths same batch of assholes that kicked we scotts highlanders and my mother’s ancient Irish ancestors off their land ….
      NEVER FORGET !!!!!!!!!

    2. Mr Blue Says:

      Steele is a bit behind the play on this one, Foxman has now publically acknowledged the Armenian genocide:


      New York, NY, August 21, 2007 … Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today issued the following statement:

      “In light of the heated controversy that has surrounded the Turkish-Armenian issue in recent weeks, and because of our concern for the unity of the Jewish community at a time of increased threats against the Jewish people, ADL has decided to revisit the tragedy that befell the Armenians.

      We have never negated but have always described the painful events of 1915-1918 perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire against the Armenians as massacres and atrocities. On reflection, we have come to share the view of Henry Morgenthau, Sr. that the consequences of those actions were indeed tantamount to genocide. If the word genocide had existed then, they would have called it genocide.

      I have consulted with my friend and mentor Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel and other respected historians who acknowledge this consensus. I hope that Turkey will understand that it is Turkey’s friends who urge that nation to confront its past and work to reconcile with Armenians over this dark chapter in history.

      Having said that, we continue to firmly believe that a Congressional resolution on such matters is a counterproductive diversion and will not foster reconciliation between Turks and Armenians and may put at risk the Turkish Jewish community and the important multilateral relationship between Turkey, Israel and the United States.”

    3. Jon Says:

      “On reflection, we have come to share the view of Henry Morgenthau, Sr. that the consequences of those actions were indeed tantamount to genocide.”

      Dishonest Abe Fartman neglects to mention that Morgenthau was a fellow yidster, a viscious anti-German monster, who in 1944, proposed the Morgenthau Plan for postwar Germany, calling for Germany to be dismembered, partitioned into separate independent states, stripped of all heavy industry and forced to return to a pre-Industrial Revolution agrarian economy.


      “Morgenthau advocated the summary execution without trial of the top 50 or 100 Nazi criminals and had some success, but in the end the Nuremberg trials became the chosen option.”

      So-called Nazi criminals. In reality, those Germans were HEROES and Jew Morgenthau and his fellow tribe, who started this conflict with Germany and Hitler in the first place, the real criminals!

      How fair and impartial that kike-scum, huh? If you were to suggest that type of ‘justice’ be applied to nigger criminals, Jews would be apoplectic.

      The Nuremberg trials were nothing more than communist-style show trials and a humongous travesty of justice. It was all about vengeance and nothing at all ‘just’ about it!