3 August, 2007

“The EU and the Globalist Alliance”

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“It is as if the entire political, economic and cultural establishment throughout the Western world, left, centre and right, woke up one day and decided that we now live in the global age, that all cultural and religious differences are irrelevant and that the age of nation states is over.”

Understood. But isn’t the multicultural agenda – even if it’s sometimes adopted by corporate gentiles – really Jewish at its core? Doesn’t it amount to “one group of people (the Jews) will continue to exist as a nation, while the rest of mankind must integrate”? [1]. After all, the only racial state remaining is the Jewish state of Israel [2]. White states like Nazi Germany, Rhodesia, etc. are gone. Is that just a coincidence? Didn’t the plan to racially mongrelize the West begin with Marx’s idea for human equality and move onward through Boas, Adorno, Montagu, Gould and the others? Don’t all social movements have leaders, and weren’t the leaders of the multicultural movement Jews? Indeed, Montagu produced the UN’s (UNESCO’s) post-WWII racial equality statement:


[1] the word “nation” is used literally here

[2] i.e., racial in governmental policies and actions

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