15 August, 2007

The Internet is “the New Afghanistan”

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Here’s another good excuse for the government to regulate the internet: [Article]

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    1. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      All prominent New York City political figures REEK of the stench of jews and the jewish agenda. You just don’t get anywhere in that town without developing an obsession for the taste of jewish ass. That’s why Rudy is Israel’s favorite candidate, it’s why every other word out of that Hannity fuck’s mouth is “anti-Semite”, it’s why Hillary is still supporting the war, it’s why this creep is attacking the internet. NYC should be recognized for what it is, an Israeli colony on American soil.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      I think I see the modus opperandi of the liberals.

      It’s like when they integrated the schools and violence went up, they establish task forces to find out why “American youth” are so violent, when the ones being violent were black.

      Or when grades go down, they have commissions to find out why “American youth” are so unmotivated, when the lazy ones were black.

      Same with the absurd idea of people being “radicalized” by the
      internet–they are not white, they are not really Americans.

      Liberals ruin things by forced integration and then include whites in the cause of that ruin while saying, “See, it’s ruined. We will fix it.”
      And their solutions always involve the further punishing of whites.