11 August, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – August 10th 2007

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Join me Bud White tonight Friday August 10, for “Pork Night” here on VNN. Grab yourself a BLT, Bacon cheeseburger, pork chops and drive a jew crazy. We’ll be reporting on arson at a pork selling deli in Israel, a Polish priest coming under fire for anti-semitic comments, a kosher cooking show looking for a tv network and a Iowa Jewish slaughterhouse in more trouble with the Feds plus a whole lot more.

My cohost’s for tonight will be Mishko Novosel aka Mark in Cali and Panzerfaust.

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  7. 6 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – August 10th 2007”

    1. olive roasted sand flea Says:

      The one question of all time is : do the von mises money changers like pork ?? Did JEW know the name MOSES was a corruption of the SYRIAN name MISES ??? More camel jockey double speak !!

    2. jackumup Says:

      Saaaayy this broadcast was anti-semitic

    3. pagan free thinker Says:

      Ever notice how the Religious apologists of what ever stripe get all hyper when scientists expose the myths of all religions ?? Hitler said it best, IT’S ALL A SWINDLE !! Cut out the 501-C-3 and tax the shit out of the CORPORATE churches and guess what ? Religion is a BIG CORPORATE BUSINESS that will sell out the pissant tithe paying numbskulls for a shekel …..Watch the current cluster fuck of presidential candidates Spurt the 3 Issue campaign drivel ! anti abortion/ pro gun/pro Israel !! Typical 3 half walnut shell and the pea scam…Their all British/Israeli wannabee screwball socialist gangster houdinis with an eye on your SHEKELS and property !! !!

    4. ahem Says:

      Could we please try to spell front-page items correctly.

    5. Socrates Says:

      ahem Says: “Could we please try to spell front-page items correctly.”

      Good point. It has been fixed.

    6. ahem Says:

      Good show, by the way. It’s good to hear Yankee voices for a change. Two other small notes:

      “Lantos” is Lithuanian nomenclature, i.e. Tom Lantos is a Lithuanian Jew, born in Budapest.
      Chassidim is the plural of chassid — I heard someone say “chassidims”.