25 August, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – August 24th 2007

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Join me your co-host Bud White and my co-host Dietrich for four hours plus of non stop TJB reporting. We’ll have updates including audio on a Israeli locksmith fraud ring, a kosher beer scandal with links to “Jews for Jesus”, the Florida hebrew school now being forced to stop teaching hebrew, Tancredo visits Newark NJ and tells nogs to sue Newark, Interpol issues arrest warrant for Israeli builder accused of fraud and Yiddish rap music stirs controversey in Israel, plus a whole lot more.

This episode includes operation: Shylock-smith.

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  7. 4 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – August 24th 2007”

    1. expose the liars Says:

      didn’t happy rockefeller start that sick shit ? there ain’t no bigger hooked nose jewish bankers than the rockefellers…chase was started by the mafia…who owns chase ?? who established the federal reserve ?? who’s a devout baptist ? does reformed baptist mean their getting out of drug running, swindling, money laundering and other mafia type activities ?? Jay Rockefeller sold out W. Virginia to the JAP owned Coal Companies….white miners need not apply …DO YOU HATE BAPTIST swindlers yet ? of course michael sindonna the dago mafia swindler was a willing accomplice,eh ??

    2. expose the liars Says:

      those seven sisters oil companies are named after the syrian QUEEN hags of the middle ages……Maria Theresa, Catherine the great, Elizabeth and so forth…Vagina horse power ……

    3. Ready to Rumble Now Says:

      I went to the LA Sucks blog you guys have listed at the forum. The guy has put up some pictures he took. Keep in mind the bankers are pushing the importation of the central American jungle savages in the guy’s pictures. http://lasucksbigtime.blogspot.com

      The bankers and the rest of the jews and sell outs want to rule a planet filled with muds like the ones in L.A.

    4. Tim Harris Says:

      I was very sorry to hear Bud White take our Savior’s name as a common curse, just like Jewlywood has trained us to do. I instantly turned the audio off.