27 August, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – August 26th 2007

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Sunday Night FTL with Mark Faust (AKA Panzerfaust)

As always the world is filled with an endless supply of Jew infestation and problems.

Let’s talk Jews

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  7. 4 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – August 26th 2007”

    1. saltriver Says:

      Fantastic broadcast. White Nationalists need the facts re-iterated from time to time. All the material presented is verifiable and searchable on the internet. White people should never forget who the real enemy is. You guys keep on telling the truth to all listeners.

    2. lies and revision Says:

      how about a special topic on LAWYERS ?? Contracts ? Rules and codes? Lawyer tax funded honey pots ? Lawyer Insurance rackets..Lawyer control of JUDGE selections ? Lawyer Caste System and incest ?? Lawyer Wall Street and Hedge Fund Manipulations ??? Lawyer kick backs scams from traffic ticket REVENUE enhancement? Lawyer Dishonesty regarding cases such as NIG OJ LOOPHOLES, lawyers that work for the criminal underworld, AN OVERLAWYERED SYSTEM and many others…etc, etc, etc…

    3. Panzerfaust Says:

      Lies and revision

      I don’t know enough about the ins and outs of the law to do an effective show on such things…BUT if you would like to come on this coming Sunday and give it a go as my show guest you are more than welcome.

      [email protected]

    4. sgruber Says:

      Here in Knoxville, Scripps (home of HGTV and DIY et al.) is headquartered. The skinny on Scripps (from a producer I know – actually his young daughter told me) is that it recently decided to hire only homosexuals as producers. After all, the “queer eye” is fashion-forward!!

      Generally Scripps is nothing but jews from out of town who hire other jews from out of town. If you’re a White woman and are exceptionally good at sucking ass for chickenfeed, you have a 1 in 20 chance of being hired there (the best chance offered local Whites). A White man, I interviewed a few times there. The atmosphere was one of fear and slave-driving and disrespect: very jewy. “Never again!” I told myself the last time.

      Another White guy not in TV.

      I remember being hired as noon-time director for the news on a local Nashville station. The day before my first day, they called and said they had to give the job to a nigger, because a nigress who worked at the station threatened to sue them for not having enough “diversity” behind the camera. Cowards and backstabbers. Realized that having that job taken out from under me was probably one of the best things that could have happened. (“You were the wrong color,” the station manager’s wife told me later, baldly.)

      Panzerfaust, did we see you in ads “back in the day”? Would like to know which (if you can divulge)!!