14 August, 2007

Walker Sentenced

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Unbelievable. Former National Alliance leader Shaun Walker gets 7+ years in prison for violating “rights” that don’t really exist [1]. Also, federal prisons are often located in states other than an inmate’s home state, which can make family visits to the inmate difficult. Further, why did the federal government wait 3 years to arrest Walker?


[1] America’s founders never used the term “civil rights,” nor is the term found in the U.S. constitution

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  7. 23 Responses to “Walker Sentenced”

    1. Tomasz Winnicki Says:

      MURDERERS in Canada get about the same prison time.
      See here http://www.vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=34885 about the murder of Wolfgang Droege by crackhead Keith DeRoux.

    2. lawrence dennis Says:

      From that earlier link to the William Pierce article:


      ———– BEGIN EXCERPT ———–

      … The American liberals who have a hard time believing that the Jews are anything but the gentle, inoffensive, peace-loving, humanitarian, violin-playing egalitarians that they pretend to be on their controlled television undoubtedly missed a news item from Israel last month. This is a report from Associated Press International, datelined Jerusalem, January 21. The report begins:

      An Israeli court on Sunday sentenced a Jewish settler to community service and a fine for the beating and kicking death of an 11-year-old Palestinian boy. The boy’s father expressed outrage and accused the court of issuing a “license to kill.”

      The report goes on to say that the Jew, 36-year-old Nahum Korman, was a security guard at a Jewish settlement near Bethlehem. He drove into a nearby Palestinian village looking for Palestinian children who had been reported throwing stones at passing Israeli cars. He found 11-year-old Hilmi Shusha and decided to make an example of the boy. The Associated Press report continues:

      The prosecution contended that Korman beat and kicked the child, knocked him down, put his foot on the boy’s head, and struck him with a pistol. The boy suffered a head injury and a fractured spinal cord and died the next day in a hospital. The Jewish judge ordered Korman to perform community service and to pay a fine for killing the child.

      Now, I’ll bet you didn’t read that report in the New York Times or the Washington Post. Both of those newspapers subscribe to the Associated Press wire. But this particular report was one that the Jewish bosses at those newspapers decided you didn’t need to see. It might have confused you. It doesn’t fit the picture of Jewish behavior or Jewish values they believe you should have. But it does fit the ages-old Jewish pattern. The key here is that the murderer was a Jew, and the victim was not. The Jewish religion permits Jews to murder Gentiles without penalty unless the murder might be discovered by other Gentiles and result in harm to the Jews. And that’s why Nahum Korman was fined and ordered to do community service: the Palestinians kicked up a fuss abut the murder, and it got picked up by foreign reporters….

    3. Anchorage Activist Says:

      The Deseret Morning News has a more complete account of the sentencing. In addition, the Deseret Morning News solicits public comments to each of their stories. Registration NOT required. Comments are moderated and do not appear immediately. But as long as you’re “civil”, there’s virtually no ideological censorship.

    4. Nordic Jewsmasher Says:

      “[1] America’s founders never used the term “civil rights,” nor is the term found in the U.S. constitution”

      How can this possibly happen? Who could have possibly foreseen it?

      Just because institutions and power structures are unaccountable and dominated by one’s mortal, cosmic enemies who are waging unrestricted genocidal war is no reason for them to treat people unfairly.

      Just because they’re committed to destroying us, just because they’ve promised to destroy us – then why do they destroy us when we give them that power? It doesn’t make any sense!

      Don’t these Jews know that Hitler was right and that Heideger was the greatest philosopher of his time? Don’t these Jews know that we’re Teutonic superwarriors? Unrestricted genocidal war is no reason to treat people unfairly.


      Drooling Nazi Retard Who Really Should Be And Possibly Is Receiving a Check From the ADL

    5. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Nordic Jewsmasher,

      “Signed, Drooling Nazi Retard Who Really Should Be And Possibly Is Receiving a Check From the ADL”

      ROTFLMAO. This story has NOTHING to do with Nazis (except that they were right about Jews) yet for some reason this paranoid, adolescent, anti-Nazi moron attempts half-witted sarcasm and non-starter accusations of ADL membership. LOL. Call the suits! We’ve got a certifiable loon here!

      The COINTELPRO days are over, Moishe, so as another anti-Nazi nutcase asked recently, “Who would claim to be a Nazi that wasn’t one?” They’ve got the Americans so scared of being labeled a Nazi that the brainwashed fools continue to obey and say, “Yes, master Jew, I’ll bash the Nazis like you tell me.”

      A slobbering retard like “Nordic i-don’t-know-i’m-obeying-the-Jews” is little different from an ARA member. When the day of the rope comes, we’ll ask, “And what did you do for our people?” The answer, “Duh, uhh, umm, I bashed the Nazis who were the ONLY ones who named and whipped the Jews,” will result in summary execution by firing squad. Call it euthanasia of a retard.

    6. Nordic Jewsmasher Says:

      I think it’s telling that “Feral White Male” correctly spells “Moishe”.

      I think it’s telling that “Feral White Male” also uses standard Jewish smear rhetoric.

      I think it’s telling that “Feral White Male” vitriolically attacks someone who points out a FACT: While National Socialism may in fact offer numerous political/economic advancements – using explicit Nazi references and iconography themselves has proven to be purely suicidal in the colloquial political millieu. You’ve lost that propaganda battle and the Jews spend a billion dollars a year to seal that loss.

      Actually, the very root of Shaun Walker’s predicament is FTR (“Failure to Recognize”). He failed to recognize that:
      1) although he’s a member of an ethnic majority, that in itself counts for nothing; for he is a member of a severely repressed *political* minority. Why does he – or any of you – expect “fairness” from instrumentalities that belong not to you but your mortal enemy? His repressors wage active, unrelenting and unrestricted warfare in whatever sphere of opportunity presents itself. Every pro-White activist walks around with a big-bullseye on his back; Walker has known that from the beginning. Having anything to do with alcohol, bars, taverns or drugs is veritable suicide. And VIOLENCE? Better not fucking get caught!

      Well, anyway, VNN has pretty much alienated the entire White population over the years. That should prove that VNN has the guts to lead. So I expect any day now the masses will rise up with unlimited support and the VNN Legal Department can send a team to spring Walker.

    7. Hoosier Says:

      FeralWhiteMale Says:
      14 August, 2007 at 8:24 am

      Nordic Jewsmasher,

      “Signed, Drooling Nazi Retard Who Really Should Be And Possibly Is Receiving a Check From the ADL”

      Close. It should be ““Signed, Drooling Anti-Racist or Jewboy Retard Who Really Should Be And Possibly Is Receiving a Check From the ADL”

      There, I fixed it for you, Nordic Jewsmasher. You’re welcome. I appreciate your attempts in “truth in advertising.”

    8. Hoosier Says:

      7 years for getting into a bar fight and calling Mexicans some names. That is, if it even happened that way. This is insane.

      Here’s commentary on ADL sponsored “hate laws” and the ADL’s role:


      Here’s the ADL taking credit for “hate crime” legislation:


      Note all the unproven assertions and trying to act as “authority.” I see no evidence that the ADL is “expert” in much of anything, other than Jewish swindling.

      Shawn Walker gets 7 years for a barroom brawl and some “racial slurs”, under Jew inspired “hate crime laws,” and, as Lawrence Dennis points out above, a Jew gets a slap on the wrist for beating a Palestinian kid to death.

      To the casual reader, reading this: Do you think there’s any chance AT ALL, that what is said on VNN, and places like VNN, may be true?

    9. honkey tonk man Says:

      If the JEWS and thier sock puppets had any balls they would just kill all the white leaders and any other potenial leader.
      ……I mean if it was the other way round and white nationalist where in power we would kill all enemies of the white race. Just goes to show who the real cowards are.
      ….The system is weak and soon enough it will fall.
      Maybe when its weak enough whites could launch a commando raid on the prison where he is being held. Maybe do the same thing for Matt Hale. (It could be done easier then you think.)
      ……..Whether we like it or not we are going to have to use armed resistence to destroy the JEWISH beast that is destroying us!!

    10. Jim Says:

      It would be very satisfying to see Benson and Tolman as the stars of the next Russian NS movie on YouTube.

    11. Neal Joitke Says:

      Names and addresses of the people that persued this.
      Is what is needed

    12. unscammed Says:

      the jews of sicily…yep, shoulda smashed them sicilians mamluks and aragonese…especially the jewish she males that were the leading money changers, ritual slaughters and seducees…polished up on your hebrew lately ? many english names were started by the hebes in the 1066AD time frame…. who were the mamluks ?? Acre fell, all the white crusaders were slaughtered and white boys never returned until the 1900’s !!!

    13. World of Weirdcraft Says:

      Honky Tonk Man wonders why the Jews don’t kill off White leaders.

      Why would they do that? Over the last HALF CENTURY the “Pro-White movement” has accrued Zero political power and Zero legal power and Zero financial resources. The supposed leaders haven’t given the slightest consideration to principles of political deployment and development of infrastructure and popular support. Fuck, they talk like a bunch of video gamers, “We’re gonna blast our way through the muds!”

      And even the gutsiest talkers of them all send $200-300 a monthin directly into Jewish coffers to pay for Halacha programming for their family.

      What’s there for a Jew not to like? An enemy that PAYS you to destroy him (when he’s not gratuitously destroying himself).
      Truly the best of all possible worlds. I’ll take my 2400 Gentile slaves, please!.

      Hell, if I myself had enemies who destroy THEMSELVES more effectively than I ever could – fuck, I’d be strutting around like the typical fucking arrogant Jew, too.

    14. Wolf Says:

      The founders had to slip in the following bit of tripe into the US constitution to appease their revolutionary French money backers:

      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created
      equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain
      unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit
      of Happiness. ”

      I don’t think they ever believed it, but now were stuck with it.

    15. Walter Mitty Says:

      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created
      equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain
      unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ”

      Your quoting the Declaration of Independence—NOT—The US Constitution. Anyway, none of the signers of the Declaration would have considered non-Whites to be men.

    16. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Shaun Walker’s political beliefs were on trial and nothing more. This case is eerily similar to a case I heard on ADV (broadcast by W. Pierce) in 1998-99 time frame where three whites were sentenced to 10yrs in prison for simply chasing mexicans out of a park and shouting racial epithets. The mexicans weren’t physically hurt.

      This is a classic case of judicial tyranny. Every fucking time a white person is attacked by a non-white it’s see no evil, hear no evil by the MSM and feds. When the feds do threaten hate crime charges they always get dropped and the non-whites get off scot free.

      It’s high time we take to the streets and shout “no justice, no peace”.

    17. Hoosier Says:

      Sadly, there’s much truth to what World of Weirdcraft says. On that cheery note, I bid you all – goodnight.

    18. Ernest Joins the SS Says:

      7 years for a bar brawl is not insane, given the overall circumstances – which virtually ALL of you fail to recognize. The circumstance that all of you are in is that you are a repressed political minority under the boot of a hostile occupation shadow government. This government actively conducts demographic and low-intensity operations in every sphere that is available, including the legislative, regulatory and judicial, not to mention propaganda & police operations.

      It’s as if you guys were in Nam and complaining that the Viet Cong “weren’t fair”. They’re coming to kill your asses; fairness is an expectation of White governance, which presently you don’t enjoy.

      Yet you fucking people just sit around here on some guy’s cyber-porch, complaining the same complaint day in, year out, all the while rendering full material support to your oppressors. I hope you didn’t miss that Seinfeld anniversary retrospective, and I hope you got your airline tix for your trip to Disney’s “Day of Miscegenation” next month. Our whole unit of the Teutonic Warrior Alliance is going; we’ll post pitctures of Seal & Heidi!

    19. Scipio Americanus Says:

      Shaun Walker received 7+ years for a bar fight that resulted in no injuries. Obviously, this man was tried for his political convictions and sentenced accordingly. You see, it’s much like George Orwell’s Animal Farm – all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. To put this in perspective, the great Russian dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn received an 8 year prison sentence for criticizing Joseph Stalin. When juxtaposed with the Soviet Union, the United States compares most favorably, don’t you think? What makes this even more tragic is the fact that the vast majority of white nit-wits in this country have not heard of Shawn Walker nor would care even if they were familiar with his case. No doubt, those on the jury who convicted him were white themselves. I don’t know what more can be said; Shawn Walker was doomed from the start. Welcome to the late, great USSA [United Soviet States of Amerika].

    20. kmike76 Says:

      Back for a sec, and then – good night. I caught this while logging off:

      Ernest Joins the SS Says:
      14 August, 2007 at 11:18 pm

      ….Yet you fucking people just sit around here on some guy’s cyber-porch, complaining the same complaint day in, year out, all.. blah blah blah, verbal diaherra

      And what exactly are you doing, fucking stupid asshole, other than bitching at us, while we bitch? I can tell you what you’re doing, absolutely nothing. You have no answers, yet you come back over and over to to the same “cyber porch” – whew, it that ever not clever – to say – nothing. So fuck off, fucking stupid asshole.

    21. Hoosier Says:

      kmike76 = Hoosier. I used the start of my email instead of my usual nick, sorry.

    22. Fred Says:

      It could happan to you too. This is simply an outrage.

    23. Fred Says:

      This could happen to anyone. It is an unjust outrage.