11 September, 2007

American, Israeli – What’s the Difference Today?

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“We’re all Israelis now.” [1]. But that was the whole idea, wasn’t it? The people who set up the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks – i.e., people who probably live in Israel – wanted to bring America and the Jewish state closer together? In a way, that term fits us. America has become Judaized. Our culture is shaped by the “best of the human species” [2][3]:

[1] about the origins of that term: [Here]

[2] Jews as the “best” humans: [Here]

[3] about the shapers of our culture: [Here]

  • 2 Responses to “American, Israeli – What’s the Difference Today?”

    1. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      America always WAS the kosher crock of shit it is now. Don’t kid yourself Alex. While Tommy Jefferson may have written some little remarks regarding whether or not negroes were fit to participate in his stupid Arcadian Ideal, it never stopped him from fucking them or sucking jew dicks, at least figuratively if not literally. I’ve documented amply enough his and other Founding Fuckup examples of judeophilia for “white nationalist” benefit by now to amply demonstrate how “america” always has been meant to serve jews and nothing else. Thus the Iron Aryan Revolutionary Imperitive: we must utterly destroy america and americanism to reclaim our Aryan Self Knowledge and ability to SURVIVE! Those who fail to make the transition from “white american jewlover” to Aryan will have to be hung by their small, dyspeptic intestines right alongside of their rabbinical masters, no exceptions, excuses or mercy to these. Racial treason of that order of magnitude cannot be tolerated if the Noble Race is to survive. That which kills america while strengthening our Race is to be practiced. Thus, we should CELEBRATE the Human Resistance’s strike on the WTC, though NOT how the jew regime has used it as a pretext to further it’s own, predictable agenda. The heroic sacrifice of the brave men who hijacked those airplanes and used them to kill some of these scabrous americans demonstrated Aryan Nobility, despite their actual racial semito-negroid mysegenated condition. Thus do I say to Usama bin Laden, Al Qaida and all other’s who resist jewry and america,

      Hail and Well Met!

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris

    2. America First Says:

      T.J. never screwed Congoid slaves, so why don’t you give up watching P.B.S. and sucking N.P.R.