22 September, 2007

Driver’s Licenses for Illegals in NY

Posted by Socrates in jewed immigration policy, jewed law, Mexinvasion, New World Order, Socrates at 3:47 pm | Permanent Link

New Yorkers, are you ready to share the highways with illegal aliens?


Governor Spitzer mentioned as being Jewish: [Here].

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  7. 4 Responses to “Driver’s Licenses for Illegals in NY”

    1. commenter Says:

      Both Spitzer and Bloomberg are not fully committed to a Jewish identity in that they married gentiles and have half Jewish children.

    2. cillian Says:

      this is whats great about newspapers

      Rep. Randy Kuhl, a Republican, said the new policy “undermines the preventive measures that protect our country from national security threats.”

      and the very next line is:

      The shift in policy is geared toward enhanced security…

    3. smitty Says:

      Spitzer is a Jews, JEW….

    4. Olde Dutch Says:

      Spitzer, Bloomberg & Mukasey are all full blooded members of the jew cult. And you can be sure they could care less if White people are endangered by the granting of drivers licenses, or other identification to foreign nationals in the US illegally, or here under false pretense.

      To say that the children of these jew cult leaders are not going to be full blooded jews will be of little comfort to the 10,000 or more Americans killed every year by both legal & illegal aliens.

      If one of the parents is a jew a$$hole, does that make their child half a jew a$$hole? I see the jews as an ancient temple cult, but, possibly 2,000 or so years years of inbreeding has caused them to develop an a$$hole gene? Maybe the jews can’t help themselves?