14 September, 2007

Feed, September 14, 2007

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White Genius: Super Filter

“Clean air, clean water,” shriek government and so-called evironmentalist nitwits. Who comes up with something? Some guy working on his own. It’s always that way. Mr Pritchard’s bottle can clean up any water – including faecal matter – using a filter that cuts out anything longer than 15 nanometres, which means that viruses can be filtered out without the use of chemicals. The chink copies, the jew steals, the nigger stares, the White solves. America has diversity and no jobs – just like the turd world!

Yad Vashem – Lies Spewed by War Criminals

Lithuania tracks one down. More here.  Here on the racial origins of Political Correctness.  Tiny, sick, vicious Israel – the world is catching on, says Pilger. Here Paul Findley on liberating America from Israel.

Divorce Works

Belgian thinking about dividing. More here. Here from Yid’s Own NY Sun. Fact is, central government isn’t necessary – see next spintro.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Somalia doing better without central government. UN in a tizzy. One size does not fit all, not even for niggers, especially not for Whites, the most individuated race on the planet. Which is the problem. Our good point is our bad point when we’re under attack by teeming racial teams. What we need is a racial dictatorship that can clean up the racial problem for all time, then a ‘libertarian’ devolution of power to allow genius to flourish and PIGS to work the fry hopper at McDonald’s like God intended.

Pigs Bein’ Pigs

COPS is fantasy. The reality is “Super Troopers.” The fish rots from the head down. Bushy is a lying war criminal who deserves to be stood up against a wall and shot.

Fox Contra Paul

MP3 of Gibson interview with Ron Paul, conducted with Fox honesty.


Saith twink Raimondo: When communism collapsed, a few smart crooks—now they go by the name oligarchs—grabbed most of the state assets and moved their ill gotten gains to Britain and Israel, where they laundered their billions by buying football teams, palaces, yachts, planes and what have you. (Ninety percent of the oligarchs are Jewish). They charge that Putin has appealed to voters through tacit anti-Semitism.  This is a blatantly false accusation, but it plays well among the neocon crowd. It is true, however, that the richest man in Russia, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a Jew, was summarily imprisoned two years ago on political grounds. The neocons and the oligarchs are all jews. They share an agenda. Making jews the richest, most powerful group on earth. Anyone who gets in their way will be smeared or murdered. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEWS.

Guns Are Freedom

They symbolize the Aryan man’s refusal to be enslaved by jews, and that is why the jews are always the most prominent pushers of laws to do away with the Second Amendment. Those jews have nothing against guns — their staffs are loaded with them — they have everything against goyim. Israel attacks Syria, ostensibly to prevent arms delivery.

STEELE: Dollar in the Punch Bowl

The dollar falls below 80, the jews gear up for nuclear war. Great time to be alive, itz. Here on Ron Paul and the disappearing M3. More new Steele here.

Media Change: Study of Syndicated Columnist

Lefty group digs up some interesting facts. Here on Fox’s attempt, one of them, on Ron Paul. They distort. We deride.

Mini Movie Reviews

“Blades of Glory” – Two Aryan males pair up to win skating gold. How faggy. Some funny spoofing of Olympics, skating and tv coverage, but doesn’t outweigh the white male as fag theme. Want a good skating movie, see “The Cutting Edge,” which has some solid stuff. “I only do two things well. Skating is the other one.”

“Winter Passing” – waste of time. NY actor girl goes back to upper Michigan to visit drunk great-writer dad and his kooky housemates and emote over suicided mom. Miss it.

“Maxed Out” – somewhat interesting story of excessive debt in America. Paints cc companies as villains; excuses the credit sucks. The correct view is that the debt-laden are stupid, lazy, greedy, and dishonest, taking one with another. The cc banks are greedy panderers. The do-gooders whining for government to step in and exacerbate things are their typical worse-than-useless selves. Perhaps the best thing in this movie are snippets from an educational film shot in the fifties, “The Wise Use of Credit.” This film alone would lay out the real story, and not take two hours doing it. Loose credit is a moral problem. As one woman interviewed in this documentary says, back in 1972, she and her husband both worked 40 hours, and when they applied for credit, they were denied. But her daughter can go off to college today and get all kinds of offers. The cc companies give away t-shirts and other tschotschkes to get students to yield their personal information. The fundamental problem, as we say, is moral: banks shouldn’t loan money to the uncreditworthy. The uncreditworthy shouldn’t desire credit, they should desire to make themselves creditworthy. Neither of those shoulds will ever happen until the current Judeo-System gives way to a Moralitarian regime inflicting a New and Welcome Hardness on The People. Until then it’s every consumer for itself.

“The Wicker Man” – Good horror movie filmed in Scotland in early ’70s. Upright Christian copper investigates disappearance of young girl, winds up getting up-close view of island paganism, from tit to torch. Features every bit of Britt Ekland.

Books: “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy”

Review of Walt and Mearsheimer’s book. Here updated version of Civil War II, free online.

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  7. 4 Responses to “Feed, September 14, 2007”

    1. i Says:

      The 2006 remake of The Wicker Man features Nick Cage drop-kicking that half-retarded Jewess, Leelee Sobieski. Worth the hideous misandrical ending? I can’t say.

      “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.” — Richard Henry Lee

    2. Steve Says:

      “Pigs bein’ Pigs” demonstrates a symptomatic problem of people in secondary authority positions taking their anger and resentment towards increasing crime rates, out on otherwise normal citizens who commit minor infractions, or none at all in this case. The cop complains that the free parking lot is a location that correlates with crime, and with the justice system not adequately (harshly) punishing those who steal cars, those in secondary power positions, like the cop, have to deal with pre-emptive crime fighting, which aids in the growth of the police state. Freedom requires justice, and when justice is not done, i.e. when niggers are not adequately punished, those who do something merely correlative with crime are punished, a much larger mass. Probably a lengthy article could be written on this subject alone.

    3. Jon Says:

      I think the naked Britt Ekland is a body double as she refused to go naked.

    4. Summer Says:

      If you are so pro-white, pro-morals and an anti jew why would you promote a movie that contains nudity? Wouldn’t that be like promoting porno? Jews made it. White women and white men shouldn’t be walking around naked for everyones entertainment.

      JEWS CREATED PORNO. If you like it so much, you should become a jew.

      These people have no self respect, low class, jew loving scumbags and whores.