17 September, 2007

Feed, September 17, 2007

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Turbo-Nosed Troofs

Black man making sense. Video. Here on the differences between men and women.

Kevin Lamb on Jew Novak

One peculiar omission from Novak’s book is the scant mention of a program in which he served as an active participant for years: M. Stanton Evans’s National Journalism Center, an internship program for aspiring conservative reporters and editors. The placement rate by Fred Mann, NJC’s job-bank director, was exceptional, opening doors to many entry-level positions, not only around Washington but also numerous newspapers around the country. Although Evans and Novak utilized and frequently hired NJC interns, the only individual identified as such is his own daughter, who was hired after a brief stint at a Northern Virginia newspaper. He completely skips over his own NJC role. As a young intern enrolled in the NJC’s program during the fall of 1988, I remember distinctly Novak’s Friday afternoon lecture to our group. He used the recent leaks coming out of the Bush-Dukakis presidential campaigns to expound upon different types of leaks and their journalist significance. He closed his talk by noting that there were different types of conservatives: free-market conservatives, neoconservatives, social conservatives, religious conservatives, and even (he said) “racial” conservatives. On the evidence of The Prince of Darkness, Novak should have added another category to that list: politically-correct conservatives.  Lamb’s correct about Novak and the rest. I interned for Evans & Novak and did research for them for their tv show in Lamb’s (CNN’s) library. I also went through the NJC journalist training program he describes, although they removed my name from their website. (NJC has been taken over by YAF, it appears.) Yes, it is true that those in D.C. soon lose themselves in the daily politics. It’s hard to care about principles when you need money for rent. To get along, to get a job, you have to go along, to accept the lies about race and so many other things. System conservatives like Buchanan and Novak have no problem with that.

Pets Against Obama

They know what happens when niggers rule. They get beaten and eaten. Animal activists say they have been threatened with arrest for speaking out and SPCA offices were raided by secret police agents of the Central Intelligence Organization on Thursday. SPCA inspectors said they were ordered not to release details of surrendered, abandoned, slain or eaten pets. Niggers. At what point do we quit fucking with them? Illegally slaughtered meat sells for more than 10 times the government’s fixed price on the thriving black market. It comes in plastic bags of 10 kilograms and more, containing bone, fat and offal and no indication of types or cuts of meat. The creatures that produce the conditions are our equals, claim “the chosen people.” At what point do we quit fucking with the jews? Why not get rid of jews and the niggers they sicced on us and live in harmony? Isn’t that the reasonable thing to do? Here’s a typical scene in the wake of operation Clean Out The Filth, which has left 700,000 people more or less homeless.   Here from Cathy Buckle, woebegone liberal who knows that the situation has nothing to do with race. Pass the Fido, N’dugu.

Jew Awareness

It’s growing. Ignore the biased characterization of the letters the writer receives — like Fred Reed, the writer never quotes or refutes, a sure sign of subliminal agreement — the bottom line is more and more people understand that the jew is the cause of our misfortunes. ITZ COMING. …the Internet has a way of releasing inhibitions and, from time to time, the Tomdispatch email box is also a sobering reminder of the mindless hate in our world — of every sort, but sometimes of a strikingly anti-Semitic sort, letters that are wildly angry and eager, above all, to shut down or shut up commentary or debate of any sort. That’s funny. I’m an “anti-semite” and I don’t remember trying to drive any jew site off the web. I do remember being driven off a dozen hosts myself thanks to semitic loxists.

Media: Murdoch

Good info on the few and large.


The Swiss have many of the right ideas. Imagine government run by the people, in their interests. That means local control.

Movies: Sicko

Chronicles review. Gary North pans “3:10 to Yuma.”

Books: “33 Questions…”

Review of Deep Woodsy’s new one.  Here Woods on himself. Christian Anderson, neocon without knowing it – according to writer. Here comparing Kerouac to Dr. Johnson. No book reviews in papers anymore; plenty of movie reviews though. Here on “Until Proven Innocent,” apparently the first book written about the Duke nigger whore rape hoax. Here on new book on Poland and Eastern European history. Elsewhere, under the rubric “Survivors,” he goes out of his way to cite Norman Finkelstein, who has “bitterly denounced organizations which purport to be helping survivors but in fact may be acting from motives of financial gain or political interest.” This ominous sentence is not only dubious on its own, it is utterly irrelevant to the history of World War II, and once again leaves the reader feeling that the Jewish response to the Holocaust evokes some obscure hostility in Mr. Davies. If it comes from a jew, it likely ain’t true.
…the Soviet Union could only compensate for huge initial losses by treating its soldiers as cannon fodder, overwhelming the Germans with sheer numbers. Soviet commanders wasted lives in a way that no American general would even have considered. It was necessary to deploy “blocking regiments” behind the front lines, expressly tasked with shooting any comrade who tried to retreat. Worse, because totally irrational, the Soviet state continued to destroy its own people even when the war was at its height. During the first year of the invasion, the Red Army issued 800,000 death sentences to its own soldiers. Every unit had its commissar, who had to countersign all military orders, and who could condemn anyone to death for an impolitic word. No wonder that, as Mr. Davies writes, “the front-line zone of maximum physical danger” became for the Red Army troops “a zone of psychological liberation, even of gay abandon, which no doubt contributed to the willingness of the ‘Ivans’ to rush to their deaths with a hurrah on their lips.” Most of the commissars were jews. Jews used the Russians to protect themselves from the Germans. What was good for Russia never mattered for a minute. Here on Thomas Mann, nazis, Wagner.

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