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Feed, September 2, 2007

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Bad, Bad Problems for AmeriKwa

Nothing will go right for the U.S. until the jews are removed from power. Don’t be fooled by ideology – jews are commies, conservatives, liberals and all points in between these conventional positions. They’re just masks for jew money and writers to hide behind; they mean nothing more. The real political battle is racial in any space in which more than one race resides. There is no policy that can cure nigger. No amount of money will turn a nigger into a human, nor will any amount of sensitivity do the trick. Niggers, for biological reasons, breed faster than Whites. Given time, their population growth will outpace Whites’ to the extent that they drive Whites off by rendering increasing amounts of  space unlivable. For you see, Whites cannot live in black space. Whites aren’t black. They have different requirements. What the interloping jews have done is foist and force on the White majority the lie that people-is-people. The ekwality cult means genocide for Whites – unless the leaders of the cult are destroyed. Here on the Fed. The FED is the most powerful privately owned monopoly in the United States and therefore the world. Yet anyone who points this out as a negative factor is dismissed as a crackpot or a conspiracy theorist or both. The Fed has the right to steal. Guess who it steals from? Here on neocons and their base in New York. Every neocon is a jew or a lackey of the jews. The former should be called jews. The latter should be called appeasers or collaborators. There are no other neocons, just masses of dupes, fed by Fox and talk radio. The proper basis of opposition to neocons is racial: we are Whites, they are jews. Their interests are diametrically opposed to ours. Neocons crowing in 2003: Now they come upon their greatest triumph: a military victory in Iraq, conceived and wished for in neoconservative clubhouses and brilliantly supported during the course of the war by the neoconservative media. “Yeah, I think we had some utility,” said Mr. Kristol. “Bush could have come to it all without us, too. But it helped that we had already made these arguments. You feel some responsibility when things go well.” Here some good stuff on Kosovo.

The Niggering of Detroit

Who will retarded illiterates elect, if they’re allowed to vote? A Kwame. …shortly thereafter two exotic dancers who were at that “party” ended up murdered (one tracked down and killed in Atlanta, Ga.), the other dancer, Tamara Green, (a.k.a. “Strawberry”) a college student and a working mother of three children, was beaten half to death by the mayor’s wife at “the party.” Medical records of this incident were mysteriously taken from the hospital. Shortly thereafter she was killed April 30, 2003 in a drive-by shooting in front of her home at Roselawn and Outer Dr. There is no upside with niggers. We can’t live with ’em, but we can live without ’em. Believe it or not, there was a time when Detroit was called the ‘Paris of America.’ Today it’s called the Kwango of America. Some interesting in this black’s piece in WND, although as always effects are mistaken for cause. The simple fact is Whites can make any city a Paris; niggers can make any city a Detroit. Here on the destruction of our economy. What needs to be done is simple. Impose a 20 percent entry fee on all imported goods and services, and use the $500 billion to cut taxes on U.S. producers.

Wasting Whites

While Joseph Flabpakmann sits in a comfy, air-conditioned office penning his latest attack-Iran op-ed, here’s what White teens and twentysomethings go through. Lieutenant Clay Hanna looks sick and white. Like his colleagues he does not seem to sleep. Hanna says he catches up by napping on a cot between operations in the command centre, amid the noise of radio. He is up at 6am and tries to go to sleep by 2am or 3am. But there are operations to go on, planning to be done and after-action reports that need to be written. And war interposes its own deadly agenda that requires his attention and wakes him up. When he emerges from his naps there is something old and paper-thin about his skin, something sketchy about his movements as the days go by.  How long are we going to allow jews to write checks that White asses have to cash? More, from Buchanan.  Pauli Girl here. ‘Kwans are so dumb that the jews don’t even have to wait a generation before reusing the same old lies. The moralizing moron provides the face and ass; the machinating kike provides the brains and tongue. Evil, thy name is AmeriKwa. The Girl exhibits characteristic three-named Anglo cowardice and hypocrisy in calling bushy’s people brownshirts when in fact the brownshirts fought the bushies of their time. Unlike Paultroony Craig Roberts, the brownshirts called jews jews, rather than, say, WASPs, since jews in fact they were. What is it about Anglo culture that’s worth emulating? The hypocrisy? The moralizing? The anti-intellectualism? The viciousness? NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEWS. Here jew Chomsky on Iran and the warmongers.  Here on Bushy lying through his teeth about Iran. President Bush increased his rhetoric against Iran’s nuclear program last week, saying Tehran had put the Mideast “under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust” and indicated action would be taken against the program “before it is too late.” Raimondo on Iran here.

Germany These Days

Wade through the bullshit and try to figure out what’s real and what isn’t when it comes to Germany and neo-nazis. Niggers and Mexicans attack Whites all the time, but never do the media show photographs of the victims. In the rare instance muds are victims of loyal Whites, pictures are flashed around the world by Globokike Inc.

Destroying White Families: Bratz

Created by Iranian jew. Turning White girls into sluts is big business for the jew. Getting White children focused on sex and consumer goods is good for jews, partly because they sell what the consumer is buying, but mostly because incontinent Whites will never threaten jewish political power. “Pay no attention to the yid behind the curtain,” says the Wizard of Iz. Oh, but do. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Injustice System

Craig’s the news peg, but the truth of this article is well known to anyone who’s been charged with a misdemeanor. The System isn’t serious about the charges it makes against ‘citizens.’ They’re just the means by which it obtains money and exerts authority. If justice were the concern, the System wouldn’t 1) overcharge/charge-stack, 2) drop charges in exchange for money. Fighting a misdemeanor or a traffic ticket almost always exacts more money, time and resources than it is worth. Virtually every person in jail facing misdemeanor charges knows that by pleading guilty, he will probably be quickly released. Hundreds of thousands of false guilty pleas are registered annually in the United States.


Some jewing about Newark, mixed with some good points about illegals who commit additional crimes not being deported. It’s almost as if there’s a minority in whose interest the government is run since it obviously does the opposite of what the people want. Half a billion AmeriKwans?

The Destruction of the White Family

Jew pseudo-intellectuals posit White males as authoritarian personalities because they use their authority to keep their
families tight and together. Bad for jews. So the family must be destroyed. The way to do that is to undermine the authority of the White man, not least by referring to him as male rather than man. His legal authority must be transferred to the state and to the woman. Even his own child must have more say than he does. Here a list of anti-male ads. What the jewed Men’s News Daily never points out is that the fathers mocked are always White males, never black or jew. Fact is, according to our very own ZOG, with all its anti-White-male animus, women abuse children twice as often as men.

As the famous Croatian philospher George Trouchy said, life is like the jungle. You worry about the big things, but it’s the little things that get you.

White History: Many White Men in Australia Before Cook

So it appears from discovered coin. Not to mention: It has long been accepted that Dutch navigators sailed up Australia’s west coast in the 1600s, preceding Capt Cook on the eastern seaboard by nearly 200 years.

Technology: Sky Car

Don’t drink and fly. Please.

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  7. 4 Responses to “Feed, September 2, 2007”

    1. smitty Says:

      Only when the flesh on Americas dead bones are totally gone will this parasite called the Jew leave. Our fight is just and noble, but our people are asleep. I have no problem fighting, but the Jewish “shit” hasn’t even begun to hit the fan yet. Book burning, a little jail time, etc. is nothing compared to the torture, rape and murder a sick Jew mind can dream up for the goyim……

    2. abe foxman Says:

      Germany These Days

      The dark races spent years (with the help of Eternal Hymie) throwing out the white savages, and after finally reclaiming their lands and becoming free what do these noble freedom fighters do? Build roads? Hospitals? A social system the envy of the world? Public transport? Great buildings? Farming communities? Nahh..these lazy good for nothing scumbags jump on the first ship and suffer all kinds of trials and tribulations to get back with those same savages who had endlessly abused them.
      Yes Grasshopper, something ain’t right here!
      Just like the poor brutalized Jews at the end of the war….who in true parasitic form fled with their hosts from the freedom loving Bolsheviks. Yep despite the Oiveys, the forced hygiene inductions, the gas and shiskababbin, they couldn’t bear to leave their generous hosts.
      You’re right Smitty….and then that will be their end because they will never ever find a more beneficial host than the white man.

    3. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      I remember Detroit, too. I was born in that city and raised in the westside, White suburbs. My father’s family lived for decades in and around Detroit, and through their hard work and ingenuity were able to build prosperous and happy lives directly or indirectly through the automotive industry.
      When I was a child, we could still drive to downtown Detriot and shop without fear of black hordes. Yes, there were some blacks on the street, but somehow they were never quite people to me; they were merely curiosities, and frankly, I would look right through them. This was in the early 1950’s and Detroit was still a lovely, although aging Art Deco beauty.
      I have visited that city and my family several times since moving to Texas, and although traveling through Detroit became simply a place to get through to the next suburb, I couldn’t help but see the typical decay that always occurs when blacks take over a city. The last time I was reminded of what has happened to Detroit was when I opened up a website,”The Ruins of Detroit”. I cried over the sheer shabbiness, loss and destruction of White know-how that once was the city of Detroit. “White flight” meant there were too few Whites to maintain the infrastructure, too many graft-taking, crack-smoking blacks and black crime became it’s biggest industry. Ofcourse, much of Detroit had reverted to open fields due to do feral blacks torching buildings for fun. There was White suburban money, but I’m sure it went into criminal black pockets like it does in Africa.
      So, what does all this mean for us today? Simply, that Detroit, like so many other black-majority cities is a symptom of what our masters have in store for us. We must change this jew-run system into a rational, White society again, because if we fail to do so, soon all of what we think of as America will go the way of Detroit. Whether due to low I.Q. blacks or determined illegals from Mexico, we will lose it all, if we don’t do something soon.
      Our race and all that we have built is in peril. We must begin by speaking openly and honestly with ANY White who will listen. Every kernel of truth adds up in the rational mind, and even though many are addicted to the jew media and are full of self-hatred, at some point, that person may have an experience that will bring back your words to them, and they will know you speak the truth.
      Thank you, Alex Linder for your courage and for all that you do.

    4. Marwinsing Says:

      Noble savages in Zimbabwe decide to go on permanent diet

      One of Zimbabwe’s main bakeries has warned it has enough flour to last for just two more days, reports said on Wednesday. Since Pig Mugabe started chasing white farmers off their land and committing all manner of human rights atrocities against whites (to the glee of that PIG organisation a.k.a The United Nations) the country is now sliding into the mud-swamp of no return. Our Pig President Tarboy Mbeggi thinks this is great – ditto Pig Mandela and the rest of the filthy nigger-Joo ANC scum. Yeah, oh yeah, all this blogger can say is, “Thank heck I’m white heh-heh… thank HECK!”

      Hi-hi, stoopid nigger-muds! You get EXACTLY what you deserve you PIG-SCUM!

      Altogether now – “Thank heck we’re WHITE!”

      A-and – as we’ve said for yonks…


      Leave the niggers to wallow in their own shizen – if you employ niggers YOU ARE THE WHITE RACE-TRAITOR. The day will come when ALL traitors to The White Race will be lined up against The Great Wall of China AND SHOT!