5 September, 2007

Feed, September 5, 2007

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Problems and Meta-Problems

Our problems are not our worst problem. Our worst problem is the problem that prevents us from doing anything about the other problems. Can you guess what that meta-problem is. I’ll tell you. Itz the jew. The jew loosed the nigger. The jew prevents us from doing anything about the nigger. The jew prevents us from calling ourselves us. It’s not that all our problems will disappear if the jew goes away, it’s that we’ll finally be able to do something about them. Which will feel like and in practice amount to pretty much the same thing. Say… The point of this title link was to emphasize the rise in controlled WN. Word to the wise: if it forbids jew criticism and includes jew, IT AIN’T WHITE NATIONALISM. There are a tremendous number of white Gentile race-traitors, and while Jews may have been a necessary cause in creating the conditions where such Gentiles are tolerated, the fact is that such Gentiles do not need Jews to maintain their influence.  So, I hope people will not focus too much on the Jewish aspect of our current problem.  There are millions of people like Mike Nifong out there too. Incorrect. Mike Nifong absolutely needs jews to perform his malfeasance. If jews didn’t control colleges, legal education and media in this country he wouldn’t have been able to get away with an attempted railroading. The press would have reported the truth about the lying nigger whore within 48 hours, and he would have been forced to admit he was bluffing. Nifong may have been the driver, but the jews built the vehicle, and someone else can pull a Nifong tomorrow – just look at the lies about Iran following hard on the heels of the lies about Iraq.

The Jewing of the Tame Must Give Way to The Taming of the Jew

Do you prefer truth, new reader, or do you prefer lies? If you prefer lies, there’s Fox News. If you prefer truth, welcome to VNN… An excellent summary of jews-in-America, the damage they’ve wrought. Here thoughts on unjewing. Here the founding post of a curious thing called ‘Inverted World,’ representative of a growing body of sites presenting themselves as WN, all very pointedly including jews and excluding ‘anti-semites.’ Interesting. Since jews never work together behind the scenes to achieve results we must assume these news growths are organically spontaneous expressions of an heretofore hidden sentiment. Or we can just assume jews are up to their usual tricks, trying to pre-coopt a burgeoning movement as a form of cheap life insurance.

Sane Foreign Policy Begins with a Good, Thorough Dejewing

Neocon = jew. A jew-appeaser mix backed by a teeming termite swarm of freepertards. Contrast with Shappy Shapiro bilging on Iran.

Judge Jiggy Plays Wack-a-Boolie

Flubber-lipped glutethwacker enrages the tender. Here a Knox nig punches lawyer upon hearing sentence.

East Germany

The way it was. Terrorism is govt’s best friend.  Where would cops be without drugs? There’s no money to be made in arresting criminals, after all.

The Congo on Ten Severed Hands a Day

Congo doensn’t have any problems. The peoplish creatures scampering atop it do. Ur-Kwa: the Congo goes, er, back to basics when the Belgians depart. You using that thigh? In heavy rains the open drains overflow, turning roads into rivers of black mud that exhale the warm stink of sewage. On the heights, enjoying the cooler air, are districts like Mont-Fleuri, Ma Campagne and Binza, where giant lizards in garish purple and orange do jerky press-ups by limpid blue swimming pools.

Media Change: Wikipedia

A useful collection of Semitically Correct material is all that can be said for it.

Animals: Giant Spider Web

You can hear the screech of millions of trapped jews.

Syncopated Songwriting

Lyrics of Tim McGraw song at link. “You’re living in my house / And I’m living in a tent / And don’t laugh, this second job of mine / Is paying both our rents… In the real world, the narrator would be angry at the woman, not her new boyfriend. Since women are always right, according to the bylaws of Cuntry, blame must be deflected onto a man. This song perfectly reflects the triumph of politics over profits. Politics comes first, profits come second. Male country singer’s audience includes many unhappy divorced men. Make money acknowledging that anger, reflecting it for profit. But make sure that the anger, while acknowledged, is channeled in a jew-safe direction. Not onto the woman the jew’s laws favor, let alone the jew itself, but onto the next guy the woman hooks up with. Why, again, do we tolerate jews living among us? Here’s the legal reality of the world McGraw’s song skirts.

Suckpoop Joe Attacks De Palma

De Palma is decontexting the rape/murder? Isn’t the context the murder of 650,000 innocent Iraqis thanks to a war based on lies that no one did more than Suckpoop Joe to promote? And where’s ol’ Shitlips’ defense of the First Amendment? Why, it seems to have disappeared: De Palma is lucky I don’t run this country. He would never be allowed to return to the United States. And, if he did, he’d be arrested and shipped down to Gitmo for re-education classes. Just like your judeo-commie bosses. 

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    1. New America Says:

      Alex Linder wrote:

      The jew prevents us from calling ourselves us. It’s not that all our problems will disappear if the jew goes away, it’s that we’ll finally be able to do something about them.

      in reply:
      This is PRECISELY the issue that needs to be addressed, repeatedly.

      The power to govern is, at heart, the power to define, and ENFORCE those definitions, to the satisfaction of Those Who Rule.

      Allowing others to operate the matters of Form allow the demonic Goddamn Jews the power to absolutely control the matters of Substance to their RACIAL satisfaction.

      A quick example:

      The local expression of political power is the law enforcement community.

      Seen any Jewish cops?

      Anyone? Buehler?

      So, the public face of political power are working class White guys, and the mud races, who can only derive great joy from their power over the White RACE.

      So, the White guys and the mud races operate the matter of Form – the police department at the street level – while the demonic damn Jews operate the matter of Substance – raw political power – behind whatever facades they need.

      Our problems will NOT go away if the demonic Jews are neutralized; rather, just as in NSDAP Germany, the neutralization of the demonic Jews at the institutional level allowed new, Creative, White Nationalist solutions to develop organically, in harmony with the unique spiritual nature of the White RACE.

      I’ll settle for that.

      I do sense a desperation in the way the demons are striking out blindly, wildly, as if they knew their two worst fears – being identified against their will by Outsiders as Jews, and having a critical mass of White people willing to identify the issue – ALL issues – in RACIAL terms, and the Jews being seen as the force to be neutralized. Remember, only about 5% of the White RACE needs to be Awakened to do this…

      Remember, for all of the plaintive Jew moaning about American Renaissance, it is the official policy of American Renaissance to forbid discussion of the Jew as a RACE. How remarkable, that a website devoted to study of the RACE issue only addressed RACE from the perspective of White/Black/Brown, and NEVER allows the posters to address the issues of how Jews organize, RACIALLY, and then reorganize the host culture to support the parasite, at the expense of the prey.

      I guess that would be a little obvious.

      It’s educational to do a small version of “Between The Lines” on this issue.

      Take the criticism of the White RACE, and then add additional paragraphs using the example of the demonic Jewish RACE to form an elegant analytical counterpoint.

      This will never happen on American Renaissance, for obvious reasons.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. Lamont Says:

      Realist, the owner of Inverted-world, is a woman. Women are risk averse by nature. Facing the jewish question means facing near certain racial warfare in her lifetime, since jewish power will prevent any non-violent amelioration of the conflict until the war is upon us. Keeping her head in the sand keeps her mind at ease.

      New America, the cop who pulled Mel Gibson over and revealed Mel’s anti-jewish comments was jewish.

    3. FUCK AMREN!!!!!! Says:


    4. Occidental Dissent » Heil Akismet Says:

      […] It occurred to me this afternoon that we need something like that; a philosophy to go along with racialism, which I will tentatively call Akismet-ism. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if human beings could be programmed like Akismet to practice the “politics of exclusion?” All the garbage pulsating through our culture would be caught by the filter, the “Daryls,” automatically disregarded, and dispensed with. The sewage would come out fresh as a pristine mountain stream: No Jews, Just Right. […]

    5. fuck me, for sucking up to amren!!!! Says:

      I had sent emails to A., saying “look what they (AMREN) posted. They even said jews!!”

      This is seduction. Yes, a few comments went over the edge, and some anti-jew stuff was published. But this happens maybe once a month- not enough!! It is soon forgotten, never to be made a general topic.
      There are many other inviolable taboos, like jews and 911, like Ernst Zundel, like the tal-mud. The truth must not be kept to the periphery- it must be hammered home, all the time, every day.

      I saw, in Citizen Informer (C of CC), a column by kikette Ilana Mercer, and also saw an ad for AMREN.


      PS I added “jew” and “kikette” to the google tool bar spell checker.