10 September, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dr. Pierce

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The late Dr. William Luther Pierce was born on September 11, 1933. He died on July 23, 2002. Pierce was one of the greatest Western philosophers of the modern era. His ideas deserve careful and prolonged study. We offer some of his philosophy here:

1. “Why We Deserve Their Contempt”

Text: [Here]

Audio: (scroll down to July 14th): [Here]

2. “How It Fits Together”

Text: [Here]

Audio: none available

3. “The Significance of the Holocaust”

Text: [Here]

Audio: (scroll down to August 12th): [Here]

More information about Dr. Pierce can be found: [Here]

More of Dr. Pierce’s philosophy can be found: [Here] (text) and [Here] (audio).

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  7. 10 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Dr. Pierce”

    1. Orion14 Says:

      Happy Birthday, Dr. Pierce. You may be gone but the fame of a dead man’s deeds never die. Valhalla forever.

    2. jimbo Says:


    3. Lamont Says:

      Dr. Pierce’s ADV broadcasts led to my awakening on the jewish question. Before I had been an Amren style judeo-nationalist. Seeing Dr. Pierce’s predictions about war in Iraq come true, along with the open neocon war propaganda, finally snapped me out of my jew media trance.

      God bless him.

    4. abe foxman Says:

      A perceptive man and someone I never tire of hearing or reading.

      Of interest is Dr Pierce’s reference to Jew Finkelstein and his book. What this particular speech did not mention although I’m sure Dr Pierce was well aware of the fact, was that Finkelstein still maintains the Holohoax DID happen. He supports this by bleeting about his very own relatives and their demise because of it.
      I don’t know what to make of Finkelstein but this book is pure damage control that has grown exponentially since the internet took over from the Jews media as the main source of information for Joe Average White. They can’t control the truth so they try to compromise it by trying to get onside with the dumber gentiles who go all gooey when a Jew feigns concern for them.
      If anything, Finkelstein comes across as a hard core commie since his main complaint is that the Poliburo (top Jews and that shithill they call a country) has and still is taking all the cream (Holohoax extortions) and leaving the masses with the sour milk.
      One thing is for sure….he doesn’t give a rat’s ass for white gentiles!

    5. Junghans Says:

      William Pierce, an historical all-time racial genius in the otherwise generally clueless white English speaking world. Happy birthday, Dr. Pierce, wir kennen Ihnen.



    7. saltriver Says:

      I was still a lemming until you turned the switch that made me see the light. I will always be greatful for this. RIP Dr Pierce.

    8. New America Says:

      As much as I admire the work of Pierce, and have nothing but admiration for the incredible adversity he had to deal with on a daily basis, I see an Opportunity in his ADV broadcasts.

      Reading in one thing, but the spoken word has greater power to affect the Spirit, particularly if you are the speaker.

      I think VNN should have people with really good speaking voices – “Babycakes,” for instance, and “Lita from New York,” and April Gaede (or her daughters!) read and record the ADVs using Pierce’s words, but THEIR voices.

      It would certainly make good material for an eventually VNN Feed, and perhaps even a second channel in its own right.

      This would bring the life of the spirit to the otherwise inactive words of Pierce, and would be good practice for all of us, as well…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    9. tennyson Says:

      Here is Dr. Pierce on fire:
      “Moral Aids”
      Listen to the last 2:35 minutes.
      It is “feel good” stuff.
      The whole recording hits the point, but his closing words rouse the spirit.
      this sound clip is FTL worthy.
      everyone should experience it.
      Here is where I get labled as a nutbag.
      In August 2007 I was standing outside of my favorite haunt taking a smoke, when this overwhelming, uplifting feeling overcame me.
      Something told me that the future leader of our people had been born. The prior Sunday was when he came into the world.
      It was really weird, like a religious experience; I;ve never had that kind of experience before. I thought nothing of it; it must be the sunshine and chicks walking about I thought; my overactive imagination. Well, a while later I was looking at a pic of Dr. Pierce and it had the dates of his life. He passed away on July 23 2002.
      The White king the little voice told me about was born on July 23 2007. I got chills when I discovered this connection .
      I don’t despair about our future as a people. A great leader is among us.

      Call me a nut, I don’t care. Something beyond my dim comprehension happened that day, I’m convinced of it.

    10. Paddy Says:

      great news