29 September, 2007

Jane White on the “Jena six”

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a jane white portfolio Vanguard News Network Forum

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    2. 6 Responses to “Jane White on the “Jena six””

      1. lawrence dennis Says:

        Great graphic! And I hope to see more graphics on VNN’s main page, perhaps after a redesign of the layout to provide more space for images and text together.

      2. HQ Says:

        Check out the following story that is currently being ignored by the national news and all the JENA6 assholes. 12 year old white girl gets killed by 3 savage apes and not a peep from the national news.

      3. ellen Says:

        Fantastic! And unfortunately, oh so true.

      4. zoomcopter Says:

        Excellent cartoon. Cuts right to the heart of the problem. It should be published in The NY Times but I won’t hold my breath waiting for it to appear.

      5. matt hale Says:

        Cool drawing.


      6. sgruber Says:

        Nicely done.

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