23 September, 2007

Jews to Protest Ahmadinejad Speech

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Did Iranian president Ahmadinejad say that Israel should be “wiped off the map”? Apparently not [1]. Will America wage more war in the Middle East, for Israel’s benefit, over a misquote? Also, regarding the charge that Iran sponsors terrorism: which is worse: sponsoring terrorism or committing terrorism? Israel commits acts of terrorism against civilians all the time, but somehow it’s never called “terrorism” [2]. In fact, Israel was founded on terrorism, e.g., the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946 [3][4]:


[1] about Ahmadinejad’s comment: [Here]

[2] about acts of terrorism committed by Israel: [Here], [Here] and [Here]

[3] about the King David Hotel incident: [Here]

[4] Israel’s leaders, such as Begin and Shamir, were formerly terrorists: [Here]

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  7. One Response to “Jews to Protest Ahmadinejad Speech”

    1. abe foxman Says:

      Sadly, President Ahmadinejad is pushing shit uphill if he thinks he can go into the nest of vipers in NY and try reason…Jesus trying to convert the Talmudic rabbis in his time comes to mind.
      I admire his resolve and he may be successful if he targets those who support him, but he’d be on much safer ground taking the initiative in areas that will deliver results, i.e. attacking the Holohoax and the conferences was a masterful approach.
      Keep attacking that crumbling wall and he’ll keep the vermin occupied in shoring up their western walls rather than trying to establish an eastern flank in the public opinion war. This dirty tribe of lairs are losing and this is why they are intent on passing anti free speech laws so that they can shut down the internet.
      Like Ron Paul, he’s winning with the internet savvy thinkers who long ago began using the jewsmedia as a shit holder for their dog’s kennel.