23 September, 2007

Kosovo Redux

Posted by Socrates in jewed foreign policy, New World Order, Serbia, Socrates, tikkun olam at 4:47 pm | Permanent Link


More about Serbia: [Here], [Here] and [Here].

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  7. 2 Responses to “Kosovo Redux”

    1. Fr. John Says:

      The lies and misinformation over Christian Serbia since the Jews Clark and Albright began this Holocaust [!} during the Fornicator-in-Chief’s reign, are legion.

      Albanians are heretics who embraced Bogomilism (an Eastern Orthodox variant on the modern “CHristian ‘Rapture theology’ espoused by Falwell, Robertson, et al.) that led to the ‘conversion’ to Islam, when there ‘G-d is coming at any second’ stuff burned them out.

      Albanians have HATED Orthodox Serbia for CENTURIES. Restore Serbia to her traditional lands, and ship ALL Albanians to Turkey where the belong. Shove them into the Adriatic. They are vermin. I never thought I would think this (and I am not even Serbian!) but Islam, and Muslims are EVIL, and are only one step ahead of the Jews in their perfidy, treachery, and malintent.

    2. Celtic Warrior Says:

      There is no room for jews, muslims or nigz in ANY white country!

      Incidentally, for more background on the Bogomills, Cathars, Albigencins et.al. Yuri Stoyanov’s book “The Other God”, is the place to look.