2 September, 2007

O’FARRELL: Slave Rave

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By Luke O’Farrell

Honkies, Haiti and the Highway to Hell
    Africa is the richest and most advanced continent on earth. Don’t believe me? Then you obviously know nothing about economics and history. Liberals tell us that Britain and America owe their vast riches and sky-high living standards directly to slavery. But slavery not only existed in Africa long before Whitey ever appeared there, it still exists there now. So if we’ve benefited so much from the tears and toil of brutally mistreated blacks, Africa must have benefited even more. And it must still be benefiting! That’s the conclusion that flows inexorably from liberal logic: not only is slavery very, very wicked, it is very, very beneficial to the economy. Without it Britain and America would still be almost in the Stone Age. So how can slave-owning black Africans have failed to enjoy a similar boost? Well, somehow they did. Africa’s not the richest and most advanced continent on earth, but the poorest and most backward. Liberal logic about slavery doesn’t seem to work.

    It’s not designed to, of course. The point, as ever, is to create guilt in whites and grievance in non-whites, thereby advancing the glorious day on which white power is finally smashed and we enter multi-racial Paradise. But there again liberal logic seems to fail. According to liberals, all humans are the same under the skin and all apparent differences between us are explained by environment. So it’s pure chance that whites have been oppressing non-whites rather than vice versa. Non-whites differ from whites only in skin color and other superficial ways, so they have exactly the same capacity to oppress and exploit. Whites did those things when they had power over non-whites, which is why liberals worked so hard to free countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa from white control. But if whites lose power to non-whites in Europe and America, it follows inexorably by liberal logic that non-whites will begin to oppress and exploit whites.


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  7. One Response to “O’FARRELL: Slave Rave”

    1. 2050 Says:

      i was accosted today in a Safeway store doorway by two young mexicans. they did that thing where they won’t give you room to pass, and bump you with their shoulder in a very obvious and move-aside-whitey way.
      i did not move aside, but instead returned the shoulder push.
      they seemed to think that i should grovel to them for pushing them, and i told them, “you tried to push me, and i don’t play it that way, bitch.”
      they started to try to circle me – one tried to get behind me while the other stayed in front- and tried to get me to fight them. they very plainly asked me to step out so they could kick my ass.
      i told them i know how it works, i kick their ass and i get leo called on me.
      i went to my car.
      does anybody really think that these people are going to allow us to have any kind of life, when they are the clear majority?
      we’re dead folks.

      Alex recently wrote how in a multi-cultural morass –

      “scuffed shoes lead to grunts lead to gunfire.”

      never better said sir.