24 September, 2007

O’MEARA: Through the Barrel of a Gun or Not At All: A Rant Against White Reformists

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Through the Barrel of a Gun or Not At All: A Rant Against White Reformists

by Michael O’Meara

“Je crois à la Révolution dans la mesure où je ne crois ni à la durée ni à la valeur de la Société qui m’entoure.” -Pierre Drieu La Rochelle

Almost as depressing as the thought of our people’s extinction is that of the white opposition to it.

It’s not just that this opposition is minuscule in number, confined to the internet, has a negative rather than a positive understanding of what needs to be done, lacks consensus as to our common aim, and attracts a great many asocial types more interested in calling one another a “cunt” or a “cocksucker” than contributing to their people’s renaissance.

Worse, it seems at times not to know the enemy.  Whether racial conservatives endeavoring to stem the rising tide of color and get back to the highground of pre-1965 America or white nationalists “who are not revolutionaries, but paleoconservatives who don’t want to change the system, but to make it work for them,” the white opposition fixates on media, on consciousness raising, and on an alternative white politics aimed at reforming a system that is inherently anti-white.

Worse still, its Sisyphean activities are engaged in the belief that the old America — white America — can be won back and is worth winning, that this can be done through ideas, in the form of media-conveyed information, exposés, and arguments, and through existing institutional channels, like the courts and the electoral system.

If only it were that simple.

Our people face extinction not because the Jews or the liberals monopolize the media, force feed us anti-white ideas, control the leading institutions, and wield all the power and influence.  This may be a big part of it, but to see things solely — or principally — in these terms is to overlook the last two or three centuries of Western history.

The threat to white existence is profound, rooted in the civilizational, ontological, and spiritual disorders underlaying the Judaification pervading our daily lives.

When Slezkine boasts that the modern age is the Jewish age, he gets to the heart of this in a way few white nationalists do.  Based on the Levantine behavior of “rule breakers, border crossers, and go-betweens,” the entire course of the modern Jewish age works toward our collective de- Aryanization.

Since its advent, with the liberal-democratic revolutions of the late 18th century, the modern West, unlike its Medieval and Ancient counterparts, has shed all sense of tradition, transcendence, and fidelity; it violates the natural order of things; it pursues a purely practical, economic course geared to the lower order of existence; it can’t see the higher points of reference and replaces the “rights” of blood and heritage with false creeds and material acquisitions.
Whether the modernization spurred by the liberal-democratic revolutions was inherently Judaifying or not (the anti-Semitic tradition is divided on this question) is irrelevant to the fact that Judaification and modernization — what MacDonald calls “the rise of Jewish power and the disestablishment of the specifically European nature of the U.S.” — happened in tandem, being obverse expressions of the same historical phenomenon.

With this Judaifying process, the Aryan spirit that gave form to our race at the dawn of history and accompanied it through every subsequent stage of its Greco-Roman, Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, and European growth has been exiled from the world.  Our people face extinction, it follows, because the entire structure of Western life — culture, civilization, economy, whatever you want to call it — betrays the defining essence of their being.

What is to be done?

The development of alternative media, consciousness raising, various local activities to defend white existence must, to start, give no credence to the reformist snare that the system can be made receptive to white interests.  This illusion is the greatest treason.  For it is the system itself, communicating vessel of the Jews’ lunar spirit, that de-Aryanizes us, contaminates our blood, and seeks our destruction. It is the enemy.  It cannot be reformed, only destroyed — if we are to live.  All talk of working through it is but utopian chatter, better left to sheenies, darkies, and school teachers.

The notion that racialists follow the Left’s Gramscian “march through the institutions” is equally unserious. Covington’s Northwest Volunteer Army is a hundred time more realistic than the thought of re-establishing the integrity of white life through elections or an expanded media.

Our course, moreover, must be Aryan, not American.  The old America may have been racially conscious, but in a typically liberal way, privileging the lower functions of production and reproduction — which fated it to become “capitalist, cosmopolitan, and anti-national.”  Its racialism was thus not the blood consciousness native to the warriors who sired our race, just as its upperworld of wheeling-dealing money men, bought politicians, and leading families was but the respectable verso of its criminal underworld — alien to the Aryan standards of hierarchy, form, virility, transcendence, authority, and sovereignty.

As for the white masses — whose vegetative existence is lived unconscious of the higher forces governing them and oriented to the materialist and family concerns of the lower orders — they’ll never be moved by ideas and principles openly challenging the existing order.  Only a social crisis set off by some cataclysm that makes their normal way of life impossible will cause them to look for alternatives.  And at that point, what matters most will not be ideas and principles, but men and organizations whose exemplary stature instills in them the confidence for decisive action.

What need, then, have we for more education, more programs, more market strategies, more media, more time in the Gay Old Party to make the existing anti-white system work for us?  Any self-respecting white man who wants to know what’s going on doesn’t have far to search.  All the answers are already there, waiting for the taking. 

In any case, the increasingly totalitarian character of contemporary liberalism, not to mention the plantation of a hundred million muds on our soil, makes the entertainment of such reform an exercise in folly.

The white race will be reborn not by electing Congressmen, hiring lobbyists, and participating in a system that seeks its destruction, but by returning to its original self — and to the challenge of creating an Aryan warrior aristocracy forged in the fire of Sorelian violence.

Our media, our actions, our interventions — meager as they may be — must therefore aim at creating a new elite, a revolutionary vanguard morally and organizationally armed to stand against the Jewish age — so that when the foul system supporting it collapses in decay, there will be someone around to fight for our fair share of the spoils.

In this way, the nobles of blood and spirit are born and come to rule. 

All the ancient Aryan civilizations arose from “a race of conquerors who overcame lands and peoples on the basis of a higher calling and qualification” — a higher calling and qualification modeled on the Aryan Doctrine of Battle and Victory.  Hierarchy, order, vitality, courage, and a solar universality, as a result, became the basis of white life.  

If our people are to restore European America (in the Pacific Northwest or elsewhere), it will be in the Aryan way, through a return to the ancient practices that formed us in the beginning and made us who we are.  It will not come about through a process dependent on all that is the root of our present humiliation.

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    1. Stronza Says:

      I can see that O’Meara put a lot of thought into his article, but his idea that we need a “return to the ancient practices that formed us in the beginning” makes me wince.

      Can O’Meara (or anyone else here) tell me where I should go to have a look at such pure Aryanism in a human being? Nowhere. There is no such thing or person. The 1,000+ year period of whites enduring Christianity (and a shorter era of extreme liberalism) are not some little unintentional jaunt down a sideroad from which you emerge intact and unscathed just because you realize you took a wrong turn. These years have contributed to our present character (good and bad), are contained in our DNA now, and can’t be magically separated out of us just by becoming racially aware and sticking with our own kind. This omelette can’t be unscrambled.

      Anyway, it is high time we ceased viewing ourselves as perennial good guys in some vast eternal order – doesn’t this sound like another bunch we know?

      “Pragmatic”, “New America”, “Scimitar” and others – I enjoyed reading your responses.

    2. shabbos s shabazz Says:


      I coined that screen name 5/6 years ago. A couple of years after I saw that someone had “borrowed” the name.
      Imitation is the best flattery. If you coined the name- well, all great minds. . . i still think it’z funny.

      Yes, White energy must be withdrawn. The jew still has access to White inventions. Paper FRNs must be avoided.
      All transactions must be White-to-White, without anyone else getting a cut.