18 September, 2007

Radio Istina – LATE NIGHT! – 11pm CST today

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Afternoon show ran 1-5:30; late-night show begins at 11 pm CST, will run approx 2 hours. Will discuss French revolution, de Sade, Wollstonecraft, consequences of sexual immorality, rationalism as explored in writings of E. Michael Jones, Capt. A. H. M. Ramsay, and Edmund Burke.

Libido Dominandi, Sexual Liberation and Political Control   (Jones)

The Nameless War  (Ramsay)

Reflections on the Revolution in France   (Burke)

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  7. One Response to “Radio Istina – LATE NIGHT! – 11pm CST today”

    1. Stronza Says:

      The book by Jones ought to be required reading for some of the libertines on the Vanguard Forum. Not naming names, mind you (smirk)…