17 September, 2007

Radio Istina, with Alex Linder – Tuesday 1pm CST

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Only Linder Radio this week. Will run at least 2 hours, probably more.

Will discuss:

– the destruction wrought by fear of PC (women afraid to report nigger rapists for fear of being called racist; fag child adopters allowed to keep on adopting/abusing kids by social workers for fear of being called intolerant – as first reported on FreeTalkLive)

Libido Dominandi. We’ll resume our discussion of this incredible opus with E. Michael Jones’s analysis of the O.P. Marquis de Sade, O.P. being Original Pervert. We’ll discuss the consequences of sexual immorality in the lives of the feminist icon Wollstonecraft and English radical William Godwin and their circle. We’ll talk about the French revolution and the English reaction to it, including wise words from Burke, the founder of modern conservatism, according to some.

Reviews of Linder Radio…

On the general subject of politically correct speech, where the concept came from, and why it is fatal to succumb to its strictures, see this very stimulating colloquy by Alex Linder. Download it before loading into your MP3 player, so you can skip forward and backward. The PC discussion starts around the 33 minute mark, with a discussion of an article by neo-con John Derbyshire.


Warnings: 1. language is rough. Ladies, do not listen to this talk: get your man to listen and summarize for you over a candlelit dinner. 2. Alex is an atheist. When contradicting biblical revelation, he is, of course, wrong, and those comments need to be overcome or bracketed. Unfortunately, however, when commenting on the modern American church, his comments are always trenchant and accurate.


7.Philip said …

Since you mentioned the “No Jews Just Right” slogan, thought I’d mention that Mr. Linder’s recent solo broadcasts are quite interesting listening- a lot of depth and maturity coupled with wit, rather a departure from the tone generally associated with him and his followers. He basically just reads passages of books of import to Whites and comments on them, but the result is much more interesting than the description I just gave.

If you want to help spread the White message, post urls of Linder Radio around the ‘Net. That’s why our archivists take the trouble to make them.

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    1. Wagner Says:

      That is great news Alex! I’m looking forward to another excellent show.