18 September, 2007

Romney Opposes Ahmadinejad Appearance at UN

Posted by Socrates in Iran, jewed foreign policy, Socrates, UN, Zionism at 11:34 pm | Permanent Link

Will Romney also send a letter to the UN asking why it allows China – a rogue, communist state which has killed tens of millions of its own citizens – to be a member of the UN Security Council?


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  7. 3 Responses to “Romney Opposes Ahmadinejad Appearance at UN”

    1. Stu Gavin Says:

      He is trying to compete with Guiliani and steal Jewish votes from him.

    2. JD Says:

      The UN ought to be in Geneva where you won’t have these pandering politicians.

    3. zorastro Says:

      In a 1/2 normal world, Ahmedinejad would be the leader of UN, and the jew-stooge bully like Romney would grace a lamp post in some vibrantly multicultural shyte hole like Camden, NJ.
      Good thing that Iran will have the backing of Russia, China and India.