10 September, 2007

Some Reading for Your Uncle John and Aunt Helen

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“The political ideology of conservatism wasn’t respectable until it stopped mentioning the Jews and stopped being isolationist. Only then did it become respectable.” It doesn’t actually say that, but that’s the message this essay delivers. In America, what’s politically legitimate or not depends on how the Jews feel about it [1]. That’s all your aunt and uncle need to know as they consider America’s future:


[1] isolationism is an important matter to world Jewry, since the Jews are internationalists who strongly oppose isolationism. In fact, Jewish power stems largely from a lack of isolationism, e.g., the allied victory in World War II, the founding of the UN, and American Zionism

  • 2 Responses to “Some Reading for Your Uncle John and Aunt Helen”

    1. White Nobility Says:

      Alex’s social and political analysis has been excellent lately… some of the best and most concise he’s written.

      That’s where he, and VNN’s strength is, in his incisive, increasingly jargon-less spintros, where he explains the events of the world to the public in one short, irrefutable distillation.

      Rock on.

    2. America First Says:

      Excellent points on Whites road to displacement in the US, NZ, CD, and the AU.

      I spoke to a retired marine today with 24 years active duty till 2003. I brought up points of the Beirut Airport murder in 1983 of almost 300, not countin the painfully mained and told him of the USS LIBERTY. org web site, I think he is awakening.