24 September, 2007

Text of Ahmadinejad’s Speech at Columbia University

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Text of today’s speech by Iranian president Ahmadinejad: [Here].

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    1. Heather Blue Says:

      I was shocked that the President of Columbia University acted with outrageous disrepectful toward the Iranian President. It was a classless, disgraceful display of behavior beneath the dignity of the American people. When even the President of a prestigious university sucks up to the Jews before the eyes of the world this nation has sunk to a new low.

      President Ahmadingjad gave a very intelligent and reasonal speech. I applaud him.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      I also was disgusted by Bollinger’s knife in the back to the President of Iran. Underhanded and shameful.

      I made a point to call in to the local radio show (which was anti-Ahmadinejad) to tell them point-blank that I respected the man and did not believe what the press said about him anymore than I believed what the press bastards said about the events in Jena, La.

    3. sgruber Says:

      Hail President Ahmadinejad. He’s about a hundred times nicer, and more honest, than any American public figure aside from Ron Paul, that’s for sure. I like the guy and think he’s taking a wonderful course in open-handedly standing his ground and talking to the world in a friendly way.

      Why do I feel the glow of honesty and goodness when listening to Paul and Ahmadinejad…but have a sick feeling in my stomach when Bush, Cheney, Rice or any other American politician appears or speaks?

    4. Anchorage Activist Says:

      President Ahmadinejad has shown nothing but class during his trip to the United States, despite the refusal of our government to allow him to pay respects at Ground Zero, and despite Mitt Romney’s crack that Ahmadinejad should be arrested.

      And it’s quite clear that he has no issue with Jews as a people. He has a big issue with Israel.

      It saddens me that our plutocracy has treated President Ahmadinejad with such disrespect. What arrogance on the part of our plutocracy. We will pay a price for that, just like America’s blacks will pay a price for having invaded and occupied Jena.

    5. John Says:

      Bollinger’s disgraceful conduct shouldn’t surprise us considering the hysterical media hate campaign led by FOX JEWS.
      If America is to survive orgs like FOX JEWS needs to be taken down and their owners like Rupert Murdoch put on trial for anti American activities. After being found guilty these America hating Zionists should be lined up against a wall and shot.

    6. Jewfindergeneral Says:

      When Murdoch is put on trial the first thing we need to do is a DNA test to see if he’s a crypto-jew.

    7. -JC Says:

      You did notice he simply answered the question about executing homesexuals by stating that they don’t have homosesuals in Iran, which resulted in booing. That is, I think, speaking as plainly as was necessary. That is WHY they don’t have homosexuals in Iran. And, I suspect, an American of similar symbolic stature, speaking at a university in Iran, would not be subjected to either booing during his speech or this parting shot:

      “MODERATOR: I’m sorry that President Ahmadinejad’s schedule makes it necessary for him to leave before he’s been able to answer many of the questions that we have, or even answer some of the ones that we posed to him.”


    8. sgruber Says:

      President A has shown the world that he is a far better person than all those nasty jews who treated him disgracefully on the basis of their racial hatred stoked by tenth-hand information.

      So many parallels…

      Christ among the jews.

      Any Gentile worker in a jew business.


      Could go on, but one thing is getting clear: President A is White, or at least has a lot of White blood in that swarthy carcass. His enemy is the eternal jew.

    9. No Surprise Says:

      This is the face of liberalism. New York style and Berkeley trust fund professor style. We may be at war with Iran and if they succeed in hurting Americans in the US I will volunteer to fight as an American. Having said that Mr. Ahmadinejad treatment by Columbia was about as vicious as you’d expect from the liberal true believers. That’s how you treat a head of state? He doesn’t agree with the Zionists. What an unpardonable crime Mr. Ahmadinejad made huh? Plenty of people in the US don’t like fighting Israel fights not to mention the gay agenda and that’s under 24/7 propaganda from the Media which is what? The same thing as saying Israel’s secret service?

    10. -JC Says:

      Caught Rush Limbaugh, yesterday, and he was worse than Columbia’s “host and master of ceremonies.” Limbaugh, who it is hoped, I’m certain, sets the acceptable limits of debate on what passes for conservatism today, and that is why he is on the air. Limbaugh stated that it is a sign of an enlightened, civilized culture to have a homesexual community. He repeated the same tired lies about thre treatment of women in Iran, etc., and made fun of the pronunciation of the man’s name. Again, I emphasize that I listen-to and recommend MIB talk show hosts and NPR to understand what the enemy is preaching but one must do so with discernment for it is relatively sophisticated and the big lie repeated often enough is believed by most.

    11. gerhard wilhelm Says:

      President Ahmaddinejad should have felt flattered to be insulted by a sterile academic pedant. The most grievous error was Bolingen’s reference to the Teheran mayoral election, in which he claimed “embarrassed”Iranians elected an opposition candidate. He then called Ahmadinejad a “petty dictator.” What sort of dictator allows the opposition to win an election? Bollingen only proved – inadvertently – that Iran is a true democracy. The stupidity and illiteracy of americans in general and their professors in particular is well established. Bollingen only added another turd to a mephitic dungheap.

    12. Orion14 Says:

      “if they succeed in hurting Americans in the US I will volunteer to fight as an American.”

      Hey “no surpise”! Which americans are you talking about? The mexican, chinese or african americans? How bout the pakistani, vietgook or philipino variety?

      How can you win a struggle when you CONSIDER YOURSELF TO BE PART OF THE ENEMY? We need to jettison this mindset that we are americans and that anyone white is our ally and get with the FREAKING PROGRAM!

      No surpise there, eh?

    13. No Surprise Says:

      There is where we differ Orion14. I haven’t given up on the US yet. You are better off now in this America than one where the Chinese finally get around to going for it and attack and are allowed to win by your passivity. Where are you gong to move? Peru? Your idea is so far removed from anything that is going to happen in your or mines lifetime it is just a distraction. If Iran or somebody else succeeds to create a smallpox epidemic or something massive I’m going to defend whatever is here. What other “freaking program” are you talking about? The Orion Nebula is out of reach. The treatment and demonizaton of this Iranian president is setting up our next attack to help the interests of Israel. It should be US interests that come first. Not a foreign goverment that has taken control over the US media and installed some kind of puppet regime in Washington. You don’t have to be a traitor to see what is going on and say something. I think your far out name has something to do with your pie in the sky view.