26 September, 2007

The Most Important Rule in the West

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It’s been in place for years. The rule is unwritten, but it basically says: the gentiles will do whatever the Jews want them to do:


Congresswoman Davis mentioned as being Jewish: [Here].

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  7. 6 Responses to “The Most Important Rule in the West”

    1. sgruber Says:

      What a pathetic country we live in.

    2. R. Olds Says:

      I live in California and almost every woman congressman or senator is a jew (even some who claim not to be). The few that aren’t are the third worlders who are tightly controlled by Them

    3. Hugh Lincoln Says:

      It is an accurate summation of reality. I’ve always thought of it as America’s No. 1 Rule of Politics: What the Jews Want, The Jews Get.

      Rule No. 2 is See Rule No. 1, ha ha.

      Easy example is domestic policy compared to foreign. With the former, we have Chuck Schumer liberalism. With the latter, Paul Wolfowiz War for Israel. We have both, of course.

    4. Nach rechts Says:

      Have I mentioned how fucking sick I am of Jews?

      In case not…I am fucking sick of them.

    5. Stronza Says:

      Swastika-shaped barracks were shown on Cdn news last night, with much grave commentary. I nearly died laughing. This is truly funny. You can’t even see it unless you are up in an aircraft for heaven’s sake.

      Stop fretting, friends. It will all implode soon enough.

    6. I.B. White Says:

      I just found those barracks on Google satellite.

      Yeah, they have to be razed, and then the rubble buried in secret locations as was done with Spandau Prison after Rudolf Hess died, and the rubble from the Murrah bldg in OKC.

      Otherwise, the rubble may be used to conjure some mystical power that can then be turned against the evil spawn who intend to rule the world from Jerusalem.