29 September, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – September 28th 2007

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Join me your co-host Bud White and my co-host Todd In Fl for four hours plus of non stop TJB reporting. We’ll be reporting on a NY jewish girl turned nazi who assaulted a group of jews, A bunch of jews who started a riot at a florida hotel, Isreal’s Defense Minister proclaims “We can Beat Any Enemy”, kikes indicted in NY summer camp bribery bust, Lakewood spic meets death thru nogs and myspace, plus a whole lot more.

This Free Talk Live is hosted by Bud White, with Todd In FL, Airwaves, Mark In Cali and Dietrich.

More information on the show thread.

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    1. cygnet Says:

      The forum seems to be down.

    2. Whiteman Says:

      forum brings up a blank page here

    3. miketodd Says:

      still down:12:30EDT

    4. Charles Martel Says:

      forums dead dude..

    5. DLJ Says:


    6. joeShmo Says:

      Where is VNNForum? It is not coming up. Please bring it back! I will die if I can’t read latest news and info from a VNN perspective. :)

    7. New America Says:

      Just started listening, two quick comments:

      One, why is this thing recorded at 32, when most VNNers are on dial-ups? 16 is really good enough for most of us, most of the time. 24 works if it’s Linder, who has an excellent speaking voice.

      Two, there seems to be an ongoing appeal to get more people to do FTL. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

      For one reason, I know that VNN’s ISP doesn’t trust us with access to the function needed to enhance reliability. (Come to think of it, wasn’t the Forum down for some time this morning?)

      For another reason, a LOT of people who were getting ready to step up to the plate – wasn’t April Gaede getting ready to come on? – just recoiled in amazed horror to turn on VNN Forum one morning, and discover Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom as an Administrator, with full access to everything, and a lot of control over most everything, as well.

      Chain has a perfect speaking voice, and could easily do an FTL – but he was – what? banished? – for, essentially, speaking unpleasant truths, at an unpleasant time.

      The irony is they didn’t need to really do FTL LIVE; they could have done one hour recorded commentaries, and had them dropped into the VNN Feed, or the recorded commentaries could have been run live, and then the actually live interaction could take place.

      The tragedy is, they are gone – at least, for now.

      The good news is, VNN FTL has become much better, and is a much more substantial broadcast than before, and is technically far better, as well. Kudos to Bud White, and Mark in Cali, and Dietrich, for doing good, topical analysis in a timely manner. I like Stan and Yankee Jim, because they ALWAYS go straight for the demonic goddamn Jews.

      I made what I thought were substantive suggestions in my Open Thread posts (look on the right to “open threads”), most of which have gone unaddressed because – I guess – they pointed out a lot of profitable choices that people at the time were too busy engage in internecine quarrels to deal with.

      No problem.

      I try to see the Light in the Darkness, and I though Porngate would have two benefits; first, it would prove that print media is all but dead, and a waste of time, and two, that VNN would lose a lot of the chaff from its membership.

      I was right about the first, and wrong about the second.

      As to Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom, I was right, from the beginning, and only hope that, one day, April Gaede, Chain, Agis, and many others like them return.

      Making VNN in all of its aspects – blog/”Main Page,” broadcasting, whatever – worth returning to seems to be the task before us.

      Why we aren’t simulcasting Bill White on Monday nights remains beyond my comprehension…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    8. needs a break Says:

      Bill White is not simulcast because he’s a pompous, self-serving crook. Why Linder ever let him back onto the forum, or anywhere near his website after the shit White pulled, is beyond my comprehension.

      Mizz Strom is useless. April would’ve been better. Her boobs are bigger, too.

    9. New America Says:

      And another thing!

      VNN FTL could run a five minute Chain commentary instead of the music; no need to clean up potentially copyrighted music in post-editing. Two minutes of Agis on Klages, for example, would work to our benefit – many voices, none staying too long.

      in reply to needs a break:

      you wrote:

      Bill White is not simulcast because he’s a pompous, self-serving crook. Why Linder ever let him back onto the forum, or anywhere near his website after the shit White pulled, is beyond my comprehension.

      Mizz Strom is useless. April would’ve been better. Her boobs are bigger, too.

      in reply:
      White has demonstrated, in word and deed, that he gets things done, and stands up for us, at the RACIAL level.

      April has courageously led from the front, and has experience we could all benefit from. Giving her a five minute commentary would also help her gain useful experience.

      I think calling Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom “useless” is giving her far too much credit.

      She is very useful…

      Just not to us.

      In our case, QUITE the contrary…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    10. needs a break Says:

      April has courageously led from the front,

      With a rack like that, how could she not??

    11. sgruber Says:

      needs a break = troll

    12. New America Says:

      Quick idea for Dietrich:

      Under the player, where you list HIDE PLAYER ! PLAY IN POP-UP ! DOWNLOAD, could you add another category, TORRENT?

      Then, all VNN’s server would need to do is have them download the torrent file, while a posting on, say, Pirate Bay, would seem to work very well for all of us.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    13. Dietrich Says:

      Torrents would require a seeder. If someone wants to take point on that and seed, I will make the necessary changes. As to taking point myself, I’m tapped out.

    14. John Smith Says:

      Bud White, with his endless “aaaaahs”, grating timbre and speech impediment, is pretty much unlistenable.

    15. sgruber Says:

      John Smith, ditto.

      The best voices – after the inimitable Geoff Beck retired – are Alex Linder, Yankee Jim, Craig Cobb, and Hal Turner. Stan is adequate but occasionally indulges in eating on air, a no-no in broadcasting. (“That’s – umph, chomp – right, Yankee Jim.” Tsk, tsk! Stop it, Stan!) The rest are terrible, and that includes potential simulcaster Bill White, too.

      At this point I rarely tune in to VNN Broadcasting for content but only for the pleasure of “being” in the company of likable people with pleasant voices. Which means I only listen to the Monday night FTL and Radio Linder.