18 September, 2007

VNNB Linder Radio – September 18th 2007

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  7. 6 Responses to “VNNB Linder Radio – September 18th 2007”

    1. Seasalt Says:

      Great commentary as usual. I wish you’d lay off Ron Paul. He isn’t going to lose because he won’t tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. He’s going to lose because Jews run the media and his winning is definitely not on their agenda. You should know this.

      It’s nitpicky and mean to rag him and castigate him because he’s not out naming the Jew 24/7.

      He’s the last honest politician in the country. You ought to get on board with his campaign and be less cynical about him. He represents what might be the last chance for this country. Even if he loses, he has urged us to carry on the flame of his message and his efforts. To treat him as a crank is unfair. He’s Jew-wise but he seems newly so.

    2. Wolf Says:

      If Ron Paul is so bright why does he buy the official government version explaining the events surrounding 911? Box cutter wielding Arabs? US Air defence was caught flat footed? The pancake collapse theory? He should really look into Newton’s laws of conservation of momentum.

      It’s possible he doesn’t believe the government story but is lying so as to not appear like a conspiracy theory believing nut job. Imagine that, a politician lying to get elected.

    3. jimbo Says:

      excellent intellectual fodder from Herr Linder as per usual;
      ‘Istina Radio’ is the back-ground; ‘FTL’ is the fore-ground!…..get them both & u got ‘the big picture’!

      BTW: Nikki neo-Cohen just gave u a ‘blast’ on her l8st ‘Blog Talk Radio’…..time some-one paid that bitch ‘a visit’!

      (just one smidgin of a point: ‘the pauses’ made me keep thinking that the battery on me mp3-player had ‘flattened’!)

    4. Yankee Jim Says:


    5. ubersaxon Says:

      It is enlightening to hear a real person teaching us how to really write and go beyond being just original. We as Whites must create aesthetically pleasing verbiage that is short and thus memorable. Well done, sir, keep up the white mind expansion sessions.

      – Evan

    6. sgruber Says:

      “The New York Times serves a jewish ideological agenda in every particular.[…] It a newspaper that records the jewish ideological agenda from day to day.” – 03:04:00

      The NYT is jews talking to jews, but less honestly than the Forward, which openly proclaims itself to be a jewish newspaper – the NYT poses as mainstream, American, “the newspaper of record.”

      You want a very small but hilarious indication of this? Okay. EVERY ISSUE of the NYT has a story related to “the holocaust.”

      That’s literally, precisely, scientifically true, like 2 + 2 = 4. I defy anyone to find ANY issue in which such a story does NOT appear. You may think I’m a nut who is exaggerating. But look for yourself. (The story may be on A23 in a small box, but it’s present every time.)