17 September, 2007

Women and Politics, or, Universal Health Care Coming Soon?

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Hillary Clinton has another universal health care plan. Women naturally like the idea of “universal” this or “universal” that, since most of them embrace equality. What a coincidence: Marxists also embrace equality. Hillary’s plan: [Here]. Much can be said about what happens when women become involved in politics. Professor Lott says it well: [Here]. More on women and politics: [Here].

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  7. 5 Responses to “Women and Politics, or, Universal Health Care Coming Soon?”

    1. Jew Fed Covering Bush Says:

      On another note here goes jew fed again lowering interest rates to make their puppet bitch Bush look like his fucked up economy is doing good like they been doing ever since they directed him to attack the sand niggers to save jewland. When Bush had his jews lower the prime rate the dumbest thing occured that the big jew Greenspan even admits he didnt expect on 60 Minutes as a million niggers got loans from jew lenders in the sub prime market and of course they all are defaulting and being foreclosed on so what does the new big jew fed Bernake do but lower the fucking rates to cover all the past fuckups? What a joke.

    2. Health Tips Blog » Women and Politics, or, Universal Health Care Coming Soon? Says:

      […] Jennifer Vanasco wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt […]

    3. N. V. Says:

      Being liberated, and mechanically inclined, she tried to smoke a Universal Joint.

    4. sgruber Says:

      The world will start making sense again when political assassinations begin again, as happened in the 60s. Just an observation. What’s more real than a bullet?

    5. Grog007 Says:

      Today on Forbes on faux jews channel, Steve Forbes in response to Hilly’s plan suggested giving out Health stamps like food Stamps