17 October, 2007

An Election to Watch

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Will Switzerland remain White? The October 21 election may answer that question [1]:


[1] more about the Swiss election: [Here]

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  7. 5 Responses to “An Election to Watch”

    1. confederate Says:

      Will Switzerland remain White?

      Odds are against it.

    2. sgruber Says:

      Heil Blocher! May he prevail over the demonic jew. (Here (pdf) on jews and immigration in America, but applies to all countries really.)

      There is a solution to the jewish problem.

    3. gw Says:

      As a Swiss friend explained to me, the Swiss are still rather naive about race.  The black sheep in the cartoon was not meant to represent anything racial, but rather the bad sheep, the sheep who is misbehaving (just as we use the term “black sheep” in English, but without meaning it literally in terms of color or any racial way). Africans and Third Worlders, on the other hand, see EVERYTHING in terms of color.   Personally, I think the symbol was an unfortunate choice and a tactical mistake,  as the world will misinterpret it in terms of race, whereas it was not intended in that way. Still, I admit there is a certain double entendre that could be intentional. I’ve no problem with it, but the world will.

      As for the basic idea that is conveyed, that of evicting troublemakers, I fully agree with them.  I wish them every success.

      [I sent the above comment to the London Times. Let’s see if they print it. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised at the posts they had already printed, the majority of them overwhelmingly sympathetic to the Swiss.]

    4. Kaltenbrunner Says:

      GW – grow up – it’s OK not to like Nigs, Wogs and all the various assorted Black & Browns. Name one thing they add to any society, other than unrestrained reproduction, for which they demand White cultures to support. Pretending to just want a nice, law abiding society without regard to race is like wanting a nice safe highway to speed along at 80 without regard to conditions. It’s long past time for Whites to say: Yes, I am racist, just like your people are, and we have our rights to our own space without having to cater to your and yours – so take your Black/Brown butts back to where God evolved your protoplasm and leave us the hell alone.

    5. gw Says:

      Kaltenbrunner Says:
      GW – grow up – it’s OK not to like Nigs, Wogs and all the various assorted Black & Browns.

      Have I said that?

      I was quoting someone else, a Swiss, that they are still naive about race. And I added that I have no problem with the double entendre. BUT, it could create needless problems for Switzerland which is a very small country which can’t afford to incur unnecessary trouble with the EU and UN and US.