9 October, 2007

Another PC Law for the UK

Posted by Socrates in 'hate' laws, England, jewed culture, Socrates at 3:21 pm | Permanent Link

It bans criticism of homosexuals. Justice Secretary Jack Straw said that “we” are now appalled at animosity toward queers. Who is “we”? All of England? Is Straw speaking for the entire gentile public? [1]:


[1] Straw mentioned as having “Jewish ancestry”: [Here]

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  7. 24 Responses to “Another PC Law for the UK”

    1. MrSmith Says:

      “Is Straw speaking for the entire gentile public?”

      He may think he is, but he sure as all hell isn’t speaking for me. Not only must we now live in fear of prosecution (or perhaps persecution?) for calling a queer a shirtlifter (or a faggot or whatever the hell else those deviants find inflammatory or hateful today) but if you do some digging you’ll see that all adoption agencies in the UK must now place kids who are up for adoption with queer ‘couples’ (a couple faggots playing ‘house’ get the same rights as a real married couple these days, apparently). Add to this the moslem-generated problems (manifold) and the literally out of control immigration, and you get the idea. Whatever the UK used to be, most of that’s been eroded now, and those few of us who dare still speak out have to use false names and all manner of deviousness.

      I was lucky enough to see a video by Bootgrl today, and had to laugh a little at the comment about European (and, presumably, us British?) people having to maybe use masks or such if we ever want to begin vblogging. It looks increasingly like that was the good old days, that now we’ll have to start looking into having all our stuff hosted on US servers and posted via a 3rd party maybe.

      This kind of situation would surprise even Orwell, I think.

    2. MIKEY Says:

      remember that Jack Straw is a vicious Jew, working in the Jew-controlled, British regieme

    3. more jew caused shit Says:

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    4. zoomcopter Says:

      All of these laws they are trying to pass in Britain are designed to protect the government from armed revolt. Each law passed is another layer of protection against future “insurgents” If people like Jack Straw can jail a father trying to protect his son from sexual predators, they can jail anyone. With this new law, they can jail anyone quoting certain Bible scriptures. They are attempting to identify and intimidate anyone who raises their voice aganst the powers that be before they are able to raise their fist against a government bent upon enslaving them. Reminds me of the frog in the gradually heated pot of water.

    5. MrSmith Says:

      “Reminds me of the frog in the gradually heated pot of water.”

      You too, eh? I imagine it won’t be too long before Britain finally croaks.

      Not sure why you say they’re ‘trying’ to pass these laws. Those they can’t pass immediately they sneak in the back door once the initial outcry has died down, like this ‘religious hatred’ law.


    6. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Welcome to the ‘Demokratik Republik of Britania’.

      In 1977 the ‘immigrant’ population was estimated to be about 4%, now 30 years later we are truly blessed with a rich vibrant mix of nigz & mudz amounting to a terrifying 13.5%

      The ‘cuntry’ is rapidly becoming a nigger and raghead infested hellhole. Hardly surprising given the over representation of fags, jews and commies in that august body known as ‘The Mother of Parliaments’.

      The only consolation we have is that things are much worse in France!

    7. MrSmith Says:

      “The only consolation we have is that things are much worse in France!”

      Yes, but considering the French seem to be neck-deep in the EUSSR project, can we really be surprised? I dunno, might be time to start thinking about emigrating.

    8. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Think about emigrating….nope, we are going to have to stand and fight. Believe me, apart from the open space and better climate Australia & New Zealand are further down the path to destruction than is the jewK.

    9. MrSmith Says:

      I was thinking further West. To the best of my knowledge, the USA is the only country in the anglosphere which has indisputable laws enshrining absolutely the right to free speech and to bear arms. Both will be absolute essentials as this gets worse.

      At least we know there are like-minded people across the pond.

    10. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Yep, the British people are in dire need of those 2 essential rights.

      Actually, I’m almost hoping the situation gets worse more quickly than it is already. The program of gradualism and incremental change has served the power elite very well. The accelerating pace of change under jewLabour has started to awaken the somnolent masses.

      We can only hope for a catalyst that crystallises the facts for all to see.

      White revolution, the ONLY solution.

    11. MrSmith Says:

      Yes and no. If a White revolution rises up in the UK in the current climate, it will be ruthlessly destroyed and the political masters justified in the eyes of the sheeple. ‘Oh, look what they protected us from, those evil evil Nazi White Supremacists!’ No matter if most of those crushed never were Nazi, nor white supremacist, we all know by now that whosoever controls the media controls the perceived truth. Just look at Serbia, what’s left of it.

      For a white revolution, or any kind of Refusal of the communist-type New World Order, to be successful, the minds of the people at large must first be made less hostile to the revolution, and more hostile to those who are turning the heat up by degrees.

      Which reminds me, this 26th October, there’s going to be a demonstration in London, England by the Stop the Islamification of Europe people. The one in Brussels was banned, but this one isn’t. Yet. I know it’s not much, and far too much of a ‘big tent’ initiative to really do us much good, but it’s a start. And who knows? Out of this anti-Islamicisation movement a stronger, more defined pro-European Europe movement may grow. At least, I hope it can. So if you’re in the area, do wander along.

    12. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Thanks for that info, I hadn’t heard of the anti-islamicisation movement.

      I agree, conditions in Britain are presently unfavorable to us, however the storm will break, when and in what country remains to be seen.

      We can rely on the muslims to be come increasingly arrogant as they push for dominance in their enclaves. This will surely irritate traditional Christians and widen the divisions between them and their leaders, most of whom are sell-outs. Let’s hope when the time comes for the native people of Europe to turn to us for protection we will be ready.

    13. MrSmith Says:

      I’m glad you can see clearly the division between traditional Christians and the ‘leaders’ of the churches, so few these days can see that. However, I don’t hold out much hope for Christians’ awakening on anything other than the islamic question (the islamic question being, of course, how soon can I get this lot out of my country?), so deeply embedded are the false values of multiculturalism.

      Unpalatable truths will need to be swallowed, as a bitter pill of medicine must be. Or else, the patient will surely die.

    14. Hans Schneider Says:

      may be that Straw also uses the rear entrance…, a jewish queer !

    15. sgruber Says:

      Mr. Straw, here are my views on homosexuals, for what it’s worth.

      Homosexuals are butt-fucking, ass-sucking, poo-poking, degenerate, vile, vicious, evil fags who should be rounded up, put against a wall, and tickled to death with a feather. No, they should be shot.

      Death to homosexuals.

      There, Mr. Straw. Now come to America and “get me” for my thoughts and for speaking my mind.

      I’ll be waiting for you or your agents. With a gun.

      There is a solution to the jewish problem.

    16. gw Says:

      As for sgruber’s unhelpful comments: I disagree.

      As for Hans Schneider’s combents: I have no doubt of it, none at all, although I would not choose that terminology.

      As for Mr.Smith’s information about about the London rally: Thanks. I will help spread the word. Let’s do something positive! Calling names will get us nowhere. Doing something constructive will get us everywhere.

    17. Arminius Says:

      “Doing something constructive will get us everywhere”?
      Good suggestion, but “something” what?
      Voting at elections– commies or BNP? Never.
      Demonstrations? How many more are to be staged- with(!) or without police approval? Results: nil
      So far I know, not one has ever changed ZOG policy.
      Writing letters, distributing leaflets? Useless.
      AS long the majority- us included- pay obediently taxes so that the rulers can spend OUR hard earned money to pay their stooges, the system will stand any challenge.
      It’s simple as that.
      It is time the money question is more seriously taken into consideration here.

    18. MrSmith Says:


      Glad you find the London Demo info useful. As I said, it’s only a beginning, but it is at least a beginning. Anyone planning to attend should be aware, by the way, that Fulham Reactionary has found evidence of moslems seriously considering violent action against demonstrators. Appropriate preparation might be advisable.


      Not to be obtuse, but why is the voting question simply ‘never’?

      Not paying taxes… An interesting idea, though the implementation could be tricky, especially for those whose taxes are paid electronically before they even see their wage slip.

    19. Arminius Says:

      …because, Mr.Smith, any party or candidate not fitting the ZOG agenda is either defamed, subverted, hijacked or simply declared illegal. That happened in all western “democracies”, past and present.
      Democracy is a sham, a false flag operated by ZOG to divert discontent and/or possible insurrection into “safe” channels. Britsh nationalists never got off the ground for this reason alone and I believe it is stupidity or worse not to learn the lessons from 30 (may be 150?) years or more of failure.

    20. MrSmith Says:


      Thanks, I think I see. So, out of interest, what lessons do you think should be learned?

    21. gw Says:

      I agree with what you say.
      What, then, do you propose?

    22. Booger Says:

      Good Greif!Whatever happened to that noble english spirit to “muddle through”?Jack Straw deserves a bullet in his head.I guess this is what you Brits get for letting that drunken Jew-whore sell-out from WWII lead you to fight against your fellow Aryans and for your own demise.I was watching the “World at War” the other night and the particular episode showed all the happy Brits celebrating V-E day in London.What a happy white crowd it was,if only they could see 50 or 60 years into the future and see what ZOG had in store for them.Big Brother cameras everywhere,millions of various muds,towelheads,pakis pimping their girls,brown scum bombing their subways,thought-crime and hate-speech,Homos run rampant,white flight,and a treasonus gov’t that treats indigenous English as 2nd class in their own cuntry-ain’t Jew-run democracy grand?Much better if they let the Fuhrers Boys on the beach without a fight.Hitlers always held up by the Jew as “the greatest evil”,but it looks to me like y’all are suffering the greatest evil right now.Too bad you poor pukes don’t have a 1st and 2nd amendment.Get yourselves some weapons or ZOG will put you down like annoying bugs.Americans shouldn’t feel too smug though,ZOG -JEWSA is working hard to bust our balls here too,we’re just not as far down the road to the multicultural workers paradise!Come-on England!Tally-Ho for King and Country!

    23. Ein Says:

      “Democracy is a sham, a false flag operated by ZOG to divert discontent and/or possible insurrection into “safe” channels. …. it is stupidity or worse not to learn the lessons from 30 (may be 150?) years or more of failure.”

      The implementation of democracy, two centuries ago, originally looking so auspicious for us, was soon followed by mandatory public education and universal literacy (also appearing to be a good thing). This spread of literacy was accompanied by the spread of newspapers. Then came radio, and then television.

      This served to place the reins of democratic government into the hands of the information media — and of those who in turn control the media. This was perfect for them! Theoretically, the public was free to choose whomever they wished — at least from among those who were selected to be candidates and were set before them. But the public could only vote based on what they knew. And what they knew was controlled by the media. Thus, the media controlled the voters, and thru the voters controlled the government.

      Of course, to make extra sure, the owners of the media hedged their bets. They did not rely solely on controlling the politicians through the voters, but also through direct financial pressure, as well as through their many non-governmental organizations.

      In short, they have it sewed up. Democracy has proved to be their cup of tea!

      Just look at the results: the media masters are in control everywhere (in all white nations), and all white nations are in a death spiral everywhere. Meanwhile, the media masters are richer and more powerful than they have ever been in their entire history. Yes, democracy worked out perfectly for them. If you can control the voters’ minds, you can control their votes.

    24. Ein Says:

      You can also keep the electorate much happier this way, thus having less trouble and fewer revolutions. You can make the sheep think that the government they have is the one that they elected – so after all, it must be the people’s choice – not realizing how they were controlled and manipulated all along.