19 October, 2007

England and the EU Treaty

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Why don’t they let the British citizens decide if they want to give up their sovereignty and embrace globalism? [1]:


[1] more about globalism: [Here] and [Here]

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  7. 2 Responses to “England and the EU Treaty”

    1. radical white boy Says:

      Queen Elizabeth II has already signed off on the european union……the pissants do what the LORDS and dukes dictate !!

    2. Carpenter Says:

      Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and half-Jew Sarkozy, president of France, have suggested that race traitor Tony Blair become the EU’s first president. The EU has never had a president as it is not a country, but this is all part of the constitution they are repackaging two years later.

      Also, the nations will lose their veto power in 61 different fields, and immigration will be handled by the EU. Separate states won’t be allowed to make their own immigration laws.

      The EU is run this way: there is a “European Parliament” with members from each country, voted on by the population. This “parliament” is mainly advisory – a sham. It cannot even suggest laws to the Minister Council. One of its few powers is that it can veto the budget or veto the composition of the EU Commission.

      The Council of Ministers sets the actual laws. This is so that only the biggest, mainstream, parties in each country will have a say in how the EU is run. The “extremists” who have some seats in the EU Parliament can bark as much as they want, says the elite.

      The EU Commission is the institution that actually runs the EU. It is unelected, appointed by the Council of Ministers. In contrast to the “parliament” the Commission can suggest laws to the Minister Council. This is where the new EU “president” will reside, unelected, the head of the Commission.

      Denmark voted to stay out of the EU – so the elite changed a few details and held another referendum.
      Ireland voted against including a dozen East European states – so another referendum was held in Ireland.
      France and the Netherlands voted against the EU constitution, and before that Sweden voted against the euro as a currency – so now a “charter” will be adopted without a referendum, with a president, centralization, and the euro for all members whether they like it or not.

      Referendums don’t mean anything in the EU. The elite uses taxpayers’ money to fund its mainstream parties (“party aid” – for democratic purposes), while the smaller anti-establishment parties usually don’t have that kind of money. The small parties can only afford to campaign in one referendum, and then they are depleted, while the mainstream can campaign year after year – until the people vote Yes, and then the voting stops. Or, you simply adopt a charter without referendums.