29 October, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – October 29th 2007

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Free Talk Live Monday Night with Yankee Jim & Stan Sikorski
Click here to listen. Show starts at 9pm ET.

Note – The first 10 minutes or so was not captured.

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  7. 10 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – October 29th 2007”

    1. r Says:

      Predominant strain of HIV found to originate in HAITI, brought to US by Haitian immigrants:


    2. Olde Dutch Says:

      About 54 VNN Forum registered users have sent Jim money for Chester—that’s out of about 2,000 registered users of the VNN FORUM.

      What a bunch of punk ass kids & cheap heebies who are registered on VNN Forum.

      Jim, I’m going to send you a few more dollars—and I don’t post on VNN FORUM!

      VNN FORUM 98.5 % punks, kikes, agents & assholes.

    3. r Says:

      It’s Linder’s fault for keeping a forum. An internet forum is very rarely anything other than a congregation of kikes, punks, agents and assholes, and ultimately distracts from a site which has, like VNN, plummeted in the quality of its content. The best thing to do with that open sewer is put a lid on it, and pick from it those few people of proven will and ability who may continue to post and plan whatever earth-shattering “activisms”.

    4. Directmailvet Says:

      54 is 2.7% of 2000. That’s a very respectable return for a fundraising drive, especially one on the internet where you don’t have any postage costs.

    5. wwelvis Says:

      good show its a must listen.

    6. Claudio Says:

      How long is the forum shut down for?

    7. RabbitNoMore Says:

      what is going on with the forum? Is it down permanently? Why cant I get to it?
      Someone please help…

    8. Olde Dutch Says:

      “54 is 2.7% of 2000. That’s a very respectable return for a fundraising drive, especially one on the internet where you don’t have any postage costs.”

      For a general shot in the dark mailing, 2.7% would be ok. But, this is repeated mailings to an “interest” or “hobby” set, and that should generate between an 8% to 12% response. Or 160 to 240 responses. Six percent or 120 responses would be ok for a weak “interest/hobby” set in my humble opinion.

      So, by your stats, VNN Forum is 98.3% kikes, punks, agents and assholes. LOL.

      H.L. Mencken’s Smart Set…LOL

    9. sgruber Says:

      Well, people have been burned – some deeply, some not – by the whole “fundraising for WN” bit. The Doles campaigns were and are straight and honest, but some things sponsored by other groups? “Eh, not so much,” as our friends the hebes would say. Add the tendency of some WNs to direct their fire inward instead of outward. Garnish with some scandals (STROM anyone?).

      It all adds up to “battlefield aversion.” VNN is the vanguard, meaning the bursting edge of the awakening. It’s rowdy here. How many folks are in the habit of freely giving their money to rowdy people they don’t know? Especially if a number of these people seem to be infighting and are the center of scandals? Not many. People are averse to throwing money around in battlefields. It SUCKS but tis a FACT. (George Washington wrote to Congress from a literal battlefield, “If you can’t send money, send tobacco.”)

      Yes, VNN Forum content is as you describe, Olde Dutch, just like Hyde Park used to be (Google that shit). But having a Hyde Park is great. And occasionally someone makes some sense. C’mon, what did you expect of VNN Forumnauts?

      One final reason contributions are low. Professional fund-raisers and fund-raising techniques ain’t conspicuous around here. The honest people aren’t slick enough, and the dubious are all-too-slick. Oh, and another final reason: a lot of poor people in the movement. We don’t have even one jewish billionaire.

      But, even us po folks can unwrinkle a dollar and tongue a stamp. Me, I’m waiting for my next job to start before sending in my next $20. C’est la vie – in the Kwa.

    10. sgruber Says:

      I mean, if a banker, even an honest one (are there such?), were to look at most WN schemes as potential business investments, he would run screaming in the other direction. Why is that?