24 October, 2007

Myths and Facts About the Jena 6 Case

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How the media portrayed the Jena 6 case vs. what really happened: [Article].

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  7. 13 Responses to “Myths and Facts About the Jena 6 Case”

    1. Mark Says:

      He should have come out in the beginning, the damage has already been done. Truth is perception to most people. Most people believe what they see on television simply because they don’t read or do research into alternative sources, and the mainstream media is monopolized by pro-black, pro-Jew, pro-non-white, anti-white political policy.

    2. Alek James Hiddel Says:

      In other words,the whole thing was manufactured by the left Jew media.

    3. Alek James Hiddel Says:

      In other words,the whole thing was manufactured by the lefty Jew media.

    4. lawrence dennis Says:

      Ah, yes. Echoes of “Strange Fruit.” Key lyrics:

      Seven trees
      Bearin’ strange fruit
      Blood on the leaves
      And blood at the roots
      Black bodies
      Swinging in the southern breeze
      Strange fruit hangin’
      From the poplar trees.

      Alas, another Jewish fraud, this.

      From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strange_Fruit

      we learn “Strange Fruit” began as a poem about the lynching of two black men written by a Jewish schoolteacher from the Bronx, Abel Meeropol, who used the pen name Lewis Allan (the names of his two children, who died in infancy). Meeropol and his wife were also the adoptive parents of the children of the executed convicted [Jewish] spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg in the 1950s. “Strange Fruit” was written as a poem expressing his horror at the lynchings, and was first published in 1937 in The New York Teacher, a union [= communist] magazine. Though Meeropol/Allan often asked others (notably Earl Robinson) to set his poems to music he set Strange Fruit to music himself and the song gained a certain success as a protest song in and around New York.

    5. Wolf Says:

      Premeditated and choreographed by the lefty jews-media.

      False perceptions of evil White persecution of hapless negroids are re enforced. We all know the exact opposite is true.

      On the other hand it gave free publicity to some WN “leaders” who played along.

    6. brutus Says:

      The last paragraph of the article:

      “As with the Duke Lacrosse case, the truth about Jena will eventually be known. But the town of Jena isn’t expecting any apologies from the media. They will probably never admit their error and have already moved on to the next “big” story. Meanwhile in Jena, residents are getting back to their regular routines, where friends are friends regardless of race. Just as it has been all along.”

      Just as it’s been all along, where White kids get blind-sided and knocked unconscious and then stomped and kicked in the head by a pack of niggers with criminal records.

      I’d like to stomp this writer until he gets it.

    7. sgruber Says:

      The few Kwans who read and write imprinted on To Kill A Mockingbird in high school. That book is a piece of anti-White propaganda, penned by jew Tay Hohoff using suspicious one-hit wonder Nelle Harper Lee as a plausible gentile front.

      The writer of the Jena article – who at least gives us some facts – correctly mentions media “laziness” but fails to explain it. Here is the explanation. A lazy person falls back on routine. And what’s the media routine, when it comes to racial stories? You guessed it – barbaric Southerners vs. po Boo Radley.

      The story was already written for them.

      To Kill A Mockingbird is the template or frame or lens through which all racial trouble in the South in seen. Everything is framed by it, even later propaganda (“Mississippi Buring” et al.). This fucked-up fable is pressed on the formless, mushy minds of American youth, and this has been going on for more than 40 years. It’s the main way American youth are told to understand the relationship between negroes and Whites: Whites are dirty evil beings whose only (partial) redemption is to treat Negroes as pitiable saints.

      When the reality is that these black beasts need to be controlled lest they run wild among the civilized (pdf), as they are doing now.

      Thank the jew (pdf) for spreading vicious propaganda that supports the genocide of their host and racial opponent: us.

    8. Glenn Miller Says:

      Could be the big jews have given Shapton, Jackson, et.al., nooses with which predictably they’ll hang themselves. The koons are even planning a November “Jena 6” march in Le Cesspool Grande which will wind up generating even more MSM coverage of Craig Franklin’s expose as well as resulting radio and TV talk show and internet questioning of the “Media Myths About The Jena 6” spread profusely thru out the earth.

    9. Coup d'Etat Says:

      All perpetuated by the nigger boys, then the jews including SPLC and their business partners NAACP and Al Sharpton joined in on the hoopla. These bastards want to see how far they can push hate crime charges against Whites. And, how quickly they can turn that town into mostly niggers by intimidating Whites.

      Clearly, what Franklin wrote is not far from the truth. The niggers started shit as usual when one was denied entrance into a party, a territorial issue, and then piled on the noose under the tree issue where most Whites gathered, another territorial issue that did not interfere with the niggers’ free access to the high school. Nor was it a direct statement to the niggers. Let’s face it, the niggers have a chip on their shoulders and it will never go away until we kick them out of the USA.

      What we have here are hate crimes generated by the niggers AND the jews. THEY ARE the hate criminals. But, of course, the jewish media and SPLC will never be charged with a hate crime for the shit they help to perpetuate. They are of the protected class just like their niggers. In fact, they are niggers who actually came from Africa and then migrated intto the Middle East before going to Europe where they caused so much shit before moving to the USA to start more shit. Yes, jews are niggers. They may look White, but they have the same persona as the niggers.

      What do you call a nigger who starts a problem?

      A shit starter.

      What do you call a jew who helps a shit starter?

      A bottom feeder enema.

    10. Kristina Says:

      Are you guys serious? Do you hear your selfs? The past is in the past, really and all you sound like are a bunch of paranoid freaks with nothing better to do than to totally stomp on another culture. What did they ever do to you? Is all your information based on rumors and so called “facts”? Jena 6 was an incident that happened in the south(with no jewish history) and it very likely had to do with racial discrimination. You remember slavery don’t you?Or do you count that as myth right along side the holocaust? Really guys, get out of your basement, go in to the real world where everyone else is and open your eyes. There is nothing wrong with jews and there never was.

    11. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Oh, Kristi-i-i-na:

      Can you read? Can you reason? Can you research?

      You are just like the rest of the empty-headed, brain-washed idiots who rather be in denial like an alcoholic or a drug addict.

      “There’s no problem. You people are just making it up. Remember slavery? There’s no manipulation here. There’s no hate-crime perpetuated by the jews or niggers. There’s no revenge. There’s no increased crime by niggers against Whites. No, you are just making it up. The FBI reports are wrong. The holocaust is a fact because the jews say so. There’s no jewish supremacy. The jews are the chosen ones. Poor little jews — what have they done to you? They didn’t masacre 100 million non-jew Christian Russians. They didn’t commit murder against Polish officers in the Katyn massacre of WWII. No, the Germans did even after the Russians admitted in 1980 the Bolshevick (jews) killed the Polish officers and blamed it on the Germans. No, that didn’t happen. No, the jews are not liars. Everyone else is. The U.S. is not invaded by the jews. They don’t have control over the media. The Whites do — why do you think you see mostly Whites giving the news? Jews are not a threat to us. The non-whites are not a threat to the U.S. or to Whites. Jews don’t start wars — Presidents do. The jews were not behind the formation of the communist party — ANC– in Africa who mindlessly massacred tens of thousands of White farmers including babies and little children who couldn’t protect themselves. No, the jews are not a threat to us. It’s all in the past. No, the White farmers are still not being massacred in Africa despite the news reports controlled by the jews are suppressed. No, of course not. You all are just making it up.”

      This is how you think little Kristi-i-i-na, just like a silly, worthless drug addict in denial. And, you don’t fool anyone here.

    12. ARA Fighter Says:

      All of you ignorant inbred hicks need to get it through your thick skulls that yours is a dying breed. Racism as an institution will probably never resurface and your children’s children will probably (if you don’t continue to inbreed and spawn more hate-mongering little shits) attend school with people of all sorts of races, religions, and orientations. Your hate will die with you and no matter how you hammer it into your poor children’s heads, it wont endure forever. Have fun while you watch your way of life die

      P.S. I’m white and you people are the real race traitors.

    13. Chonodomarius Says:

      Actually, the oldest synagogue in the U.S. is in Charleston, S.C. It was the Ashkanazi bolsheviks from New York who were the trouble makers. Slavery? Let’s see, who was the biggest slave dealer in the English colonies? Why, Aaron Lopez of New Port, R.I. , a Sephardic Jew. Inbred? What could be more genetically isolated than an eastern European shetl? My first experience with Lyndon Johnson’s integrated schools was on the first day of first grade when I was hit by a bicycle chain by a groid who wanted my lunch money. I’ve had to deal with black violence ever since. Thank you, race traitors.