20 October, 2007

No War with Iran?

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Has neoconservative aggression in the Middle East ended? Will there be no more wars waged for Israel’s benefit? [1]:


[1] more about neoconservatism: [Here], [Here] and [Here]

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  7. 11 Responses to “No War with Iran?”

    1. New America Says:

      Just as the nature of warfare has changed over the last century, so, too, has the realms of warfare – economic warfare, in general, and currency wars, in particular – changed the structural forces of national strength that allow conventional warfare to be remotely feasiable, much less succeed.

      One of the Great Lessons of the last century was the triumph of RACE, in the form of Racial Nationalism, over The Doctrine of transnational forces triumphing over Family, as the foundation of a Nation, and the State, and as the substitute for a nation.

      EVERY “conquered” State eventually became free, and self-organized along RACIAL lines. Our attempt to form “Kosovo,” a synthetic Muslim entity aimed at Europe, out of Christian nations, is an example of why such enterprises are no less doomed in this century, as well.

      (Note, incidentally, that Putin has spoke most forthrightly against the formation of “Kosovo,” and will score major cultural – and political – points, with the European Christian allies who we are preparing to throw to the Muslim wolves.)

      Militarily, if you will take the time to read Wiliam S. Lind’s cogent analysis of “Operation Anabasis,” you will realize the military forces we have in Iraq are in a horrible strategic position; that we are choosing to further antagonize Turkey, at this precarious moment, tells the world that we are ill-suited, indeed, to play the Great Game of Empire.

      Economically, any takers on oil at $100 USD/barrel by Christmas?

      Anyone care to work through the effect of $100 USD/barrel oil on the economy that is needed to support our expedition to Mesopotamia?

      Anyone at all?


      On a related point, when a commentator (Michael Scheuer, author of “Imperial Hubris”) addressed HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” recently, he said, unsolicited, in effect, that all of Israel was not worth the life of one American soldier, or one American dollar.

      He was applauded.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. Judeophobe Watch Says:

      Hey, what happened to free speech, and free Zundel.

      I see you deleted my comment on the conference. Talk about hypocrisy.

    3. gw Says:

      “when ..Michael Scheuer, author of “Imperial Hubris”, addressed HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” , he said… that all of Israel was not worth.. one American soldier, or one American dollar. He was applauded.”

      Yes, but Maher (representing the “official” position — ie. the network) was aghast.
      And Maher has a reputation of being pretty independent and nonconformist in his views. But not where this subject is concerned, evidently.

    4. Jarhead Says:

      Bill Maher is the biggest fraud out there. His show was called Politically Incorrect yet his views on women, as things to be used and thrown away, were the only un-PC thing about it. In other words, he had the typical Talmudic view of women. On race he was as PC as they come.

    5. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Not so fast. Cheney wants to cook something up to cause a war with Iran. If Bush and Cheney or another pinhead have it their way, they will find another excuse similar to 9/11 to go to war with Iran. Just a matter of time. Hopefully, their sorry asses will be out of office before this happens.

    6. sgruber Says:

      Cout d’Etat is right.

      This just gives more impetus to the “false flag” operation that’s being cooked up.

      SOMETHING is going to have to be done to make the Amerikwan sheeple regard Iran as evil with a capital E. Atom blast in Salt Lake City, with faked “so there” communique from Ahmadinejad, anyone?

    7. New America Says:

      in reply to Coup d’Etat and sgruber:

      While none would deny a “false flag” operation is being developed, for us to attack Iran would lead – literally – to the end of the American forces in Iran. The Fourth Generation Warfare of the Shi’ia – with Iran as the principal, but not sole, sponsor – would turn the sixty percent of the Iraqi populace we are working with, against us.

      The irony?

      The nearest substantial military force of Sunni’s are in Turkey, and, right about now, I don;t think they are too inclined to help us, even in a “march upcountry” to Turkish refuge.

      Quite the contrary…

      Putin has played his cards masterfully; the recent accord re the Caspian Sea border states has pretty much removed us as a military factor from Central Asia, and I doubt the Azeris would be willing to act as a base for us to deal with Iran.

      After all, the lesson would be all too obvious, to all too many in all of Asia, all of whom would remind the Azeri’s that, one day, all too soon, they will be left to the tender mercies of Russia, united with our other (former) Arab allies.

      We can “hate Iran” all we want.

      All that does is lend ever greater legitimacy to the Iranian leadership to the Muslim people, and allows them to claim moral supremacy over all of the Arab people.

      After all, they would have stood up to the Americans, and this would allow them to claim leadership of a nascent Arab nationalism, crystallizing that nascent nationalism into something more formidable.

      This is the absolute last thing we want.

      One sobering thought, incidentally, for the students of military science among us.


      We need Incirlik to supply our expedition to Mesopotamia.

      Suppose the Turks figure, “What the Hell? We’re being cut out of the deals, and we’ve been stabbed in the back one more time. Who needs this?”

      Absent Incirlik – assuming all things are equal – how do you propose to handle resupply when we are virtually out of material reserves for our armed forces, much less have a way to safely move them across a subcontinent?

      And, when we don’t control Baghdad, how do you propose to control Tehran, which went through a horrific EIGHT YEAR WAR with our agent, Iraq?

      Remember, the Iranians cleared minefields with TEN YEAR OLD BOYS, who dressed in funeral shrouds, and walked into the mine fields, gladly giving their lives so their soldiers would have a clear, safe path to the Enemy.

      As well, the BRIC nations would make their displeasure known, as well, and their power grows by the day.

      All in all, I suspect Putin has done us all a favor of the first magnitude. Like Hitler’s nine (NINE) letters to Churchill offering him peace, and support of the German armed forces to support the British Empire in the Mediterranean, Putin has offered us the rational excuse we need to work out a peaceful, mediated resolution of a battle that was never really ours, with which we could not hope to prevail, on a possible framework of a regional solution, to regional problems.

      I suspect $100/USD oil will change a lot of policy dynamics fairly quickly.

      Putin seems to be setting up a deal, and we would be well advised to consider it most favorably.

      While we can…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    8. Junghans Says:

      New Am, where can one find the English texts of Hitler`s 9 peace offers to Churchill?

    9. ein Says:

      Coup d’Etat Says: If Bush and Cheney or another pinhead have it their way, they will find another excuse similar to 9/11 to go to war with Iran. Just a matter of time. Hopefully, their sorry asses will be out of office before this happens.

      They’re just gentile puppets. Even when they’re gone, the puppeteers will still be around; and they’re not going away anytime soon. They’ll find some new “pinheads”.

    10. sgruber Says:

      HIllary is a jew.

    11. New America Says:

      in reply to Junghans:

      I don’t have them in front of me; I think my source was Irving’s “Churchill’s War.”

      Of course, we have Hitler’s speech of July, 1940, as well as his actions at Dunkirk – June, 1940 – where he demonstrated beyond all doubt his willingness to sacrifice a perfect military victory, in the goal of a larger peace in the context of Europe versus Asia.

      This generosity of spirit would return to haunt him…

      Him, and, come to think of it, us.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!