17 October, 2007

Scientist’s Comments on Race/Intelligence Criticized

Posted by Socrates in egalitarianism, Frankfurt School, Franz Boas, jewed culture, New World Order, race science, Socrates at 12:01 pm | Permanent Link

It is controversial to reject the idea of racial equality, since that idea is now firmly cemented in all areas of Western society. And where did the idea of racial equality come from? It came from Jews such as Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu and the Frankfurt School teachers. In fact, Montagu was the key man behind the UN/UNESCO racial equality declaration in 1951 [1]. The racial equality movement is a Jewish movement, just like Marxism and feminism:


[1] the June 1951 UNESCO race declaration (a .pdf file): [Here]

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  7. 10 Responses to “Scientist’s Comments on Race/Intelligence Criticized”

    1. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:

      Another link, easier to read:


    2. TSman Says:

      You don’t have to be a Nobel Prize winner to figure out that niggers are stupid!

    3. smith Says:

      TSman….. You got that right!

    4. Wolf Says:

      It they were only stupid I could tolerate that, but as the Jews very well know they’re also slothfull societal leeches and violent menaces to society. We’ll have to wait for the day of the rope.

    5. bwahaha Says:

      Don’t hold your breath.

    6. sgruber Says:


      The “day of the rope” comes individually, to individual yids, at different times. There’s no reason why every day can’t be the day of the rope.

      It’s going on in New Russia and will probably come to America in the next couple years.

      All “American” jews should make sure their passports are in order and their asses are ready to hold bags of jewelery. Just a prediction.

      There is a solution to the jewish problem.

    7. Wolf Says:

      Don’t laugh…Itz comming.

    8. Ein Says:

      …as the Jews very well know they’re also slothfull societal leeches and violent menaces to society.

      And as the Jews very well know, they’ make a useful and easily manipulated battering ram to attack white society.

      Their numbers, added to the Jews own, combine to form a large and powerful ethnic alliance that wields massive clout. This does not even take into account the added clout of Jewish money. While the Jews’ own numbers might appear to make them just a small and negligible group among the population, with 35 million black followers following docilely behind them, the Jews command a large voting block that serves to advance Jewish causes and interests. Thus, the Jewish voting block, although it may not be composed entirely of Jews, is led entirely by Jews …with its array of disgruntled “minorities” in tow. In order to hold the alliance together, it is in the Jews’ interest to keep those “minorities” as disgruntled as possible, bearing a permanent grudge against the oppressive White Man.

    9. sgruber Says:

      Ein: Not to mention another constituency of the jew: Limbaugh-lovin Coulter-worshipin Bill O’Really-sucking “conservatives” with “Support Our President” bumper-stickers plastered all over their SUVs. Brainwashed by Fox Jews. They’re too scared to buck their paycheck: increasingly, most money is gotten through government jobs, media jobs, academia-connected jobs. They cut Dr. Watson off at the knees yesterday by “releasing him”: he worked for a quasi-private/quasi-public lab receiving govt. funds. Maybe he can bag groceries now. Thanks, kikes.

      There is a solution to the jewish problem.

    10. gw Says:

      They cut Dr. Watson off at the knees yesterday by “releasing him” … Maybe he can bag groceries now.

      Maybe he will learn something about them now (although at present there’s no evidence of it). At least he’s 79 and not 29, so I presume he’s got his house paid for and some money saved. And at his age, he’s not looking to advance in his job, so he can afford to give them the finger. If he can’t be independent at his age and degree of fame, then when?

      Still, as someone said, Lindbergh was a “god”, and they cut him down within a week. “Gods” can be made, and they can be unmade — when you control the media. Maybe now, someone will suddenly discover that Watson is suffering from senility and they’ll clap the poor old geezer into a nursing where he’ll be carefully watched and kept from making any more public pronouncements for the remainder of his days (which perhaps won’t be too many, come to think of it)! That way, they won’t have to attack his legend, but can claim that at the end he just went bonkers. Obviously, something’s going to have to be done. He’s become a very inconvenient person.