22 October, 2007

Sex Equality is Everywhere, Even in Space

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Men built the space program. But now, women are assuming important roles in orbit [1][2][3]:


[1] about the evolution of authority: [Here]

[2] about the words “gender” and “sex” (the former is often used incorrectly and for political purposes): [Here]

[3] about feminism: [Here]

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  7. 8 Responses to “Sex Equality is Everywhere, Even in Space”

    1. sgruber Says:

      So patronizing, itz. Look! A woman can actually fly a space shuttle! Gee!

      Look! A nigger can be an astronaut! Look! Man bites dog!


      Watch. Something, I fear, will happen to this shuttle. Remember Sally Ride?

      Or, maybe the story merely left out who will be the actual commander of this shuttle, the man who makes sure she makes no big mistakes.

    2. r Says:

      Men are just as prone to errror as women, sgruber. Are you lonely? I know, you’re gay. Haha, I feel sorry for you! If men would step up and be MEN, women would be WOMEN. Rah rah rah.

    3. Tim Pennington Says:

      let’s see your source ‘r’. there are many differences between men and women. perhaps attention to detail is one of them. sounds more to me like you’re trying to pat your ego.

    4. r Says:

      Tongue in cheek, friend.

    5. Chris Says:

      What good purpose is served by pitting Aryan men against Aryan women? United we stand, divided we fall, folks. All of us, male and female, know the damage organized (by Zionists) feminism has done. However, there is nothing wrong with a woman rising to whatever level of authority her competence permits. I can feel pretty confident in saying that no White woman is looking for an Aryan version of the Taliban. Its the entire set of genes that makes a difference folks, not just the X and Y.

    6. Isabel Says:

      I´m completely agree with you, Chris. The fact that feminism is part of the jewish agenda doesn´t mean that women must be slaves to men or feel inferior.

    7. Charles Nickalopoulos Says:

      Anyone who is, or has been married, if you have ever seen your wife without clothing, you should know there IS a difference between men and women. There is a difference between little boys, and little girls, also.
      Why do want to be men, and do some men want to be women?
      There is a way for MEN to live, and there is a way WOMEN to live.

    8. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      What R is trying to say is: He has his tongue in between his boy friend’s ass cheeks.

      Keep the board free of kike comments. No jews just right, means no r’s allowed on this site. Judenrein r’s comments and r too.