31 October, 2007

The “Employment Non-Discrimination Act”

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This bill is sponsored by Jewish, “gay” congressman Barney Frank [1]. You may want to contact your congressmen about this bill: [Article].

[1] about bill H.R. 2015: [Here]

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  7. One Response to “The “Employment Non-Discrimination Act””

    1. sgruber Says:

      No private employer discriminates on the basis of “sexual orientation.” This bill demands they do.

      Will we see employment applications with the question

      “Check one: a. I am heterosexual, b. I am homosexual, c. I am transgender,” etc.?

      Perhaps we could write in:

      “d. none of the above. I am a bisexual horse-fucker with a preference for eating shit.”

      WTF? Why drag all this dirty sex stuff into employment?

      It’s no one’s business whom we sleep with…no, wait, EVERYTHING is the jew’s business, according to the jew. EVERYTHING.

      There is a solution to the jewish problem.