18 October, 2007

The 1915 Armenian Genocide and the U.S. Resolution About It

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The Ottoman Empire (i.e., Turkey) had been significantly “Jewed” by 1915, the year that the Armenian genocide began. In fact, some Jews were actually members of the Ottoman government. There was also Emmanuel Carasso, the Jewish founder of the “Young Turks,” the group responsible for the Armenian genocide [1][2][3][4][5]:


[1] Jewish members of the Ottoman parliament (scroll down to near the bottom): [Here]

[2] more about the Armenian genocide: [Here]

[3] about the ADL and the Armenian genocide: [Here]

[4] a map of the original Ottoman Empire: [Here]

[5] more about Carasso (notice the three U.S. ambassadors mentioned at the bottom of the page): [Here]

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    1. Vaultner Says:

      That map is a little disturbing. Under our current Commie leadership in a few years there might be a map like that of the U.S.

    2. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Jorge Boosh says it’s impolite to rewrite the history of the Ottoman Empire, so Turkey doesn’t have to recognize or apologize for the Armenian genocide. Maybe white Americans and Germans should apologize to the Armenians even though we had nothing to do with it. I mean, shit, we’re evil, and we’ve been prostrating ourselves before jews and turd worlders for imagined atrocities and slights, so why stop now?

    3. Alek James Hiddel Says:

      Hasn’t at least one historian tried to blame the “genocide” on some German military advisors who were in Turkey at the time?

      (Is there anything someone won’t try to pin on the Germans?)

    4. gw Says:

      Hasn’t at least one historian tried to blame the “genocide” on some German military advisors who were in Turkey at the time?

      That sounds vaguely familiar.
      I have read at least that the Germans, Turkey’s ally then [what a strange realignment, after all those centuries of war!], stood by and did not intervene.

      Here is another map of the Ottoman Empire that shows it at its largest extent. Notice the enormous chunk of Europe that it had gobbled, right up through Hungary and to the borders of Poland! Notice too how Italy was in mortal danger, caught between the pincers of Bosnia and Tunisia — a situation not so very different today, although Europe’s present politicians seem blissfully unaware of it, and are even inviting the Turks in. How nice of them to be so accommodating!

      I have noticed that Eastern European Jews (well, Sephardics too) are quite comfortable with Turkish/Ottoman culture. They like it. The food, the customs, the way of living, are close to their own. If you have lived among Jews, as I have, you can observe that there is plainly an affinity between the two. Jews relate more to Turks than they do to us. Turks and Jews are not the same people, of course, but they are both of Central Asiatic and Levantine origins and they are well aware of this. We are, to them, the aliens.

      And Turkey, for the moment, serves a further purpose — to play off against their mutual enemies, the Arabs. Is it any wonder Israel maintains good relations with Turkey? Is it any wonder that G. Bush is so solicitous of Turkey and is pushing for its entry into the EU?

    5. gw Says:

      The map:


    6. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The inner leadership of the Young Turks were jews from Salonika.

      One constant aspect of jew strategy through the centuries is to ‘trade both sides of the street’. They will help their temporary friend to destroy and and undermine our race and culture, while at the same time sow the seeds for for their ‘friend’s’ eventual demise. For the jew it is a win,win situation. Their external threat is eliminated and they ultimately come to ocupy their former friend’s territory.

      A malevolent but successful evolutionary strategy. I say malevolent because such actions are contrary to the Aryan sense of honour.

      The Armenian genocide is just one of many much quieter genocidal actions that jew inc. has for centuries perpetrate against the White Race. Islam has served the jew very well!

      Well, two can play at that game.

    7. gw Says:

      The inner leadership of the Young Turks were jews from Salonika.

      Hmmm. It may be interesting here to comment, for whatever it’s worth, that Nicholas Sarkozy’s grandfather was a Jew from Salonika — from a wealthy and prominent family there.

      I also read somewhere in recent months (maybe it was on Wikipedia) that the Jewish “minority” actually constituted the majority there!

    8. ... Says:

      You’re all deluding yourselves. “Jews” were not responsible for action against vagrant Armenians anymore than against Ukrainian peasants; Jews were present in, or better around, the respective governments which took such action, but cannot be identified with those governments nor can their respective aims be reduced to Jewish malfeisance. Here’s a tip: Turks have never liked Armenians. It didn’t take “Jews from Salonika” to instigate action against them, though it is true that German observers did have a hand in just that. Another tip: Germans weren’t angels.

      Or if you like, it was “Jews from Salonika” who were single-handedly responsible for this alleged “genocide”, and Nic Sarkozy is a marrano with some mysterious (nominally anti-Turkish, but don’t let that disturb your fantasy) political agenda.

      If you people had just a bit of objectivity, you’d see that we have a lot in common with the Turks, and you waste mental power by throwing in with the pitiful, whiny, jewlike Armenians, humoring them in their mock-holocaust rhetoric, which does not, as you think, give you comparative leverage over the Jews’ — anymore than Palestine is of any use to you. Try to be objective.

    9. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Sure, Turks have for centuries hated Armenians and Greeks, so it was relatively easy to get the Islamic Ottomans killing Christian minorities. The important question to ask is WHO gave the orders to start the deportations and massacres. The answer doesn’t require much historical digging. Those responsible were: Enver Pasha (1881-1922), Mehmed Talaat Pasha (1874-1921), Achmed Djemal Pasha (1872-1922), and Mehmet Djavid Bey (1875-1926). All of jewish extraction.




    11. Ein Says:


      Armenians and Jews are not very much unalike. There are many similarities (banking, commerce, diaspora, etc.)

    12. gw Says:

      “There are many similarities (banking, commerce, diaspora, etc.)”

      Persecutions, holocausts…..

    13. 2050 Says:

      hello sgt. skull.
      i am rotfl. that’s funny man.
      sad too, but true.

    14. michelle Says:

      I am sure that jew$ don’t want the Armenian Genocide to be recognized because it’s not as “important” as their “hollow-co$t.” They don’t want any other people to have recognition. Those hypocritical kike$ are doing far worse things to Palastine. What they lie about and say the Germans did is what they are, in reality, doing to Palastinians, and to everybody. But ofcourse, in their secretive, sneaky, kike way.

      And Armenians and Jew$ are NOT alike at all. I am of Armenian decent, and I can assure you we are mostly appalled by kike$. Armenians were only killed by Turks because Armenians had the misfortune of being the earliest country to be Christian, being stuck in a shitty circle of muslims. And now that George Dubya and the kike$ that have him on strings have their precious little ties with the middle-east, the Armenian Genocide will never be recognized for a second. Not because they care about Turks. Not because they don’t like Armenians. But because it’s all about the benefit of the kike$.

    15. ali Says:


      Separately the idea of “Turkey slaughtered Armenians” FIRSTLY appearanced in 1992. Armenians claimed about slaughter after 59 years they left from Ottoman Empire. Why did Armenians tell about the these events in previous years? ARMENIAN CLAIMS ARE NOT TRUE. IT IS A GAME OF IMPERIALISTS. THEY ARE USING ARMENIANS TOWARDS TURKEY. Armenian slaughter claims were started by French and American imperialism. I WANT TO ASK THIS TO ARMENIANS: WHY DO IMPERIALIST AND GLOBAL POWERS SUPPORT YOU? Turkey and Armenia had lived together 830 years before “1910”. First war between Armenia and Turkey started in 1910 because of arming by Russia and France. After separation of Soviet Russia, IMPERIALIST POWERS set up 5 countries on the oil and natural gas reserves. These countries are: Kirghizistan, Kazakhistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan. There are from the same range of Turkey. Because of the fact that Turkey cooperated with these countries and get closed to Earth block,Russia and became stronger, they positioned Armenians between Turkish and Azerbaijani neigbourhood. Separately with the “Armenian slaughter” claims they destroyed the relation between Turkey and Armenia. “DO NOT FORGET THAT AFTER SEPARATION FROM RUSSIA,ARMENIA FIRSTLY WAS DISOWNED BY TURKEY”. After this, because of the slaughter claims coming from imperialists, Turkish-Armenian amity was prevented. I AM SORRY ABOUT THE ARMENIAN FRATERNALS DIED IN 1915 BUT THIS WAS NOT A SLAUGHTER PREPARED BY NEITHER TURKEY NOR OTTOMAN EMPIRE.

    16. Rick James Says:

      I am Turkish originated myself and I must say the reason that the Armenian Genocide happened was is that for many decades, Sultan Abdul Hamid was pretty much giving a middle finger to the international bankers and when the international bankers asked Sultan Abdul Hamid if he can permit a Mass Exodus of European Jews to Palestine, Sultan Abdul Hamid said “NO!” So as the Jewish Control of the Ottoman Empire Increased (mainly towards the 19th and 20th centuries), the Ottoman rulers became more and more autocratic. Then the Rothschilds funded Talat, Enver and Cemal Pasha, who are all Crypto-Jews and Fourth Degree Masons to massacre the Armenians, because earlier Ottoman rulers trusted the Armenians and respected Armenians do the fact that they created so many contributions to Ottoman society. So the Three Crypto-Jew leaders, such as Enver, Talat, and Cemal Pasha worked for International Jewry to massacre the Armenians as a prefix to destroy the Ottoman Empire and ever since the independence of the Turkish Republic, Turkey has been merely operating as a Judeo-Zionist colony where Israel can use for dragging Turkey into Israel’s wars and Israel can have the ability to exploit all of Turkey’s natural resources whenever they want. That is why Turkey was so underdeveloped up to 8 years ago when Erdogan and his government took office, because Israel has been using Turkey as one of their colonies of “Greater Israel” which “Greater Israel” consists of many nations. Israel is denying the Armenian genocide of course because there was a Zionist role in the Genocide and the governments of Turkey and USA are denying the genocides because they are Jewish colonies as well. What is ironic that Nicolas Sarkozy is a staunch supporter of Genocide recognition, but he is Jew himself and is pro-Israel, which Israel is one of the main countries that denies the genocide already. My conclusion is Zionists that dressed up as Turkish tried to commit this genocide so Jewish extremists can pit the Christian World and the Islamic World against each other and other religious groups as well, while Jews sit on their backs and profit from these wars.

    17. Mahmoud Says:

      It seems as if ( if we are to beleive the turks) the Armenians raised from their beds one fine morning and decided to decamp, depart from the ancestral homelands. What is more they decided to take the fine ans scenic route leading to a desert. Turkey is a genocidal race; they carried out the deliberate policy of wiping out a three thousand year old race from their ancestral lands. And they succeeded admirably. Today there are no Armenians left in Ancestral Armenia.

    18. Freddy Krueger Says:

      The reason why the Turkish lobbies had to rely on Kike lobbies is because unfortunately, most of the highly educated people in the Turkish community lack nationalism and patriotism and only care about going to work, raising their kids and only worry about what is going on in their community, being blind to the fact that there are these people who spread one-sided stories about their nation just as an excuse to divide their nation. But in reality, people claim that the Kemalists are the toys of the ZOG, but it is the opposite way around, it was Religious Fundie trolls like Necmettin Erbakan, Suleyman Demirel, Adnan Menderes, Turgut Ozal, and so forth who destroyed Turkey. The Anti-Kemalists who took over Turkey in the late 1950’s made Turkey a puppet of the ZOG actually, not the Kemalists.

      My opinions is that both sides, Turks and Armos alike had an equal amount of civil casualties. Meaning the Ruskies started to arm the Armos and Armo Nationalists started to burn down villages, stab pregnant women and babies and so on. But I am not denying the casualties of Armo death tolls either. That is why it is called a civil war, not a genocide. That is why Armos are trying to play innocent, force worldwide lobbies to pass laws to supress freedom of speech, is because they are scared that If anyone, Turkish or Non Turkish alike exposes their objectives of their Holohoax campaign, they will go crazy and whine like a bunch of babies.

      But hey, the reason why Turkey became a puppet of the ZOG was because of Liberalist Neocons who were put into power over the past decades. Unforntunately, as time passed by, from the rise of the ASALA terror group and the PKK Marxist Bolsheviks in the 1970’s, as well as a Turkey invading North Cyprus to save Turkish speaking Cypriots from extinctions, the Greek and Armenian diasporas were staying united and strong to spread one-sided biased stories, as an excuse to try to divide the borders of Turkey.

      Meaning that if the Turkish diasporic communities woke up in the 1960s and 1970s when nationalism in the Greek and Armenian diasporas rised. We would have literally exposed all the shenanigans and the one sided bullcrap the Armenian and Greek diasporas are trying to pull off. When someone is trying to attack and divide your nation, you should not fall for their traps, but instead defend your nation from lies and hate and not fall for the traps of your enemies. Unlike idiots like Taner Akcam, which was relentlessly bribed by Armo Diasporan institutions like the Zoryan Institute, which is just a proof that the Armenian cause isn’t about love for their homeland, but financial greed and to collect insurance money. Also the goal of the Armo Holohoax cause is to slam Turkey at the Hague and they want to take suck out every dollar from the Turkish economy and make Turkey bankrupt, so they can further spread their hate campaign.

      If the Turkish communities started to form big organizations, both Secular and Religious, gained power in the political circles of many governments of other nations in the either 1950s or 1960s, we could have literally exposed all of the objectives of the Armenian and Greek diasporas and would have showed that they are presenting one sided cases of the conflicts in Anatolia that occured in 1915-1923, as well as the Cyprus issue in 1974 too. They are being one sided. That is why when Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked the Armo president to open their government archives, they refused. Also, the Armo diaspora says, oh the Armenian Genocide is a proven fact, there is no need to open their archives. That just proves that if they always left their government archives shut, then they must be hiding things. Meaning how they aren’t innocent either. No one was innocent in the Turkish-Armo conflict and the Turkish-Greek conflict.

      I don’t understand how people respect so-called professors, like Taner Akcam, who talks like a potheaded drug addict, when in reality he was a college dropout who joined a bunch of Marxist Bolshevik Political circles in Turkey during the 1970’s and he joined hundreds of thousands of people to organize a communist revolution in Turkey. The story concerning Turkey in the 1970’s, Communists and Kemalists were clashing on the streets and luckily, thank god, the Army Generals pwned the Commie movement and put them in their place. Now Akcam is living in exile in Minnesota like a lowlife that he is and is scared to go back to his homeland after being a paid puppet of the Armo Diaspora to conceal his shame of having a dark past as a Marxist Bolshevik terrorist in Turkey and how he failed at trying to destroy his homeland.

      If Turkey were supposed to hand over East Anatolia off to the Armos, then maybe we Americans should hand back California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Oregon and so forth to the Mexicanos then. Or maybe Poland and Lithuania should be a part of the Prussian Empire again. Or maybe Quebec should be a part of France. Or Glendale, California and Watertown, Massachussets should be annexed to Armenia then. Or maybe Taiwan and China should become one again. Or maybe the Kikes should all go back to Europe then. These Armos, Malakas and so forth are being too realistic.

      The Armenian “cause” in reality is a one-sided hate hoax to create an international worldwide hate campaign to demonize Turkish people and their goal is to create an apocoliptic war in the Caucasus/Anatolia region to get what they want and they literally try to bribe every lobby telling them to jail people who expose the Armenian Holohoax myth and says that whoever disagrees with the Armenian Holohoax allegation is automatically a racist. How is it racist to prove that there were many Turkish casualties and how is it racist to prove that the Armenian cause is just an excuse to start an apocoliptic war in the Caucasus/Anatolia region. What about how the Armo and Greek diasporas bribed Hollywood to make the Midnight Express movie to create an Anti-Turkish hate campaign.

      All these Armos and Gayreeks think that they will fulfill their goals of deporting all Turkish people to Central Asia. If all Turkish people are Mongols, then why the hell are Turkish people genetically 99% Native Anatolian in genetic makeup then. Also Turkish people are not Arabs, because we are not Semitic and the only thing we share with those goat shaggers is the same religion. Most Turkish people infact look like Spainards, Portugese, Greeks, Italians, Sicilians, Maltese, Albanians and Corsicans. If you say all Turkish people look like Central Asians, that is like saying all Spainards look like Native American Indians in Central and South America, this is the logic of the allegation I recently stated.

      These Greeks and Armenians are so full of hate and so full of themselves, they even had a dispute over territory at an Orthodox cathedral in Jerusalem. They try to unite against Turkey, but at the end, they go against themselves after all the hate they tried to build against one nation. Lol, how could they unite against Turkey if they start fighting against themselves! I don’t get it! If you watch this video, you are going to laugh your asses off, hahahaha :D

      Watch this clip which proves my statement: