16 October, 2007

“The Israel Lobby and the Psychology of Influence”

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By Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here].

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  7. 2 Responses to ““The Israel Lobby and the Psychology of Influence””

    1. Arch Stanton Says:

      Slow night? Nothing on TV but the usual fare of tough broads kicking white, male, ass or kind, gentle, intelligent Negroes helping their dim bulb white bros save the world? Want to have some fun? Take a walk down your street and knock on a few doors. Try convincing your neighbors and friends to read even one of Dr. MacDonald’s trilogy. First tell them they are being subjected to genocidal extermination by a race of alien parasites who surreptitiously invaded America, but remain invisible to almost everyone. Tell them it’s all true; but these are not alien grays and none of it is related to the Roswell crash of 1947. Then tell them these scholarly books will go far to verify and explain the reasons for that intent and who is behind it. Good Luck! While your at it, if your neighbor happens to be a jew, you might try convincing them Jesus died on the cross to forgive their sins. Warning: do not attempt this during game time, violence could result.

      I sometimes find it odd that truth is something almost no one wants to know or hear.

    2. sgruber Says:


      Always been that way. Think the average French peasant circa 1785 gave a damn whether monarchy is in principle just or unjust? Hell no. He didn’t even care about the metric system. The French Revolution was started by a handful of cafe intellectuals and urban hoodlums.

      The peasants and the average are peasants and average for a reason. Intelligent people are where the action’s at.