21 October, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – October 21th 2007

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Sunday FTL w/ host Mark Faust Working Together For A Whiter World!

For those of you who have not heard about the two homeless families living in the cold in Idaho trying to make a life for themselves. READ THIS! Reach into you pockets and donate for these White families, even if its just a couple of bucks. We at VNN are once again doing what matters: Helping Whites with many White children in need. We stand for people like Chester Doles and James Armstrong. They have already given our cause and our race a larger donation than any of us have–Many white children.


I will have a captain (possibly 2) of the infamous Aryan Brotherhood on to let us in on what they are REALLY about. You will like what these guys have to say about the future of White Nationalism and what needs to be done.

Music starts at 7pm est and WORKING TOGETHER FOR A WHITER WORLD STARTS AT 9pm est.

  • 16 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – October 21th 2007”

    1. jimbo Says:

      ‘Panzer’…..ferFCKsake, m8!….can youse arrange for some sort of PayPal addy or sumthin’?…..itz a major bloody drama sending cash to the ‘Kwa from 0zz…..u gotta ‘drop’ up to $A15 for Western Union fees & pstg/hndlng….geez!

    2. Heather Blue Says:

      Okay, I am sending donation to:
      Mr. James Armstrong, P. O. Box 4817, Pocatello, Idaho 83205 in the mail today (Sunday)although it probably won’t be picked up until tomorrow.

      I might even call his number at the end of the week to see if he got it without incident. 208-478-4455.

    3. yea Says:

      Why should we care about what a couple of California ex-cons have to say about White Nationalism? VNN is just trailing merrily down the shitter.

    4. John Says:

      Everything I read about the Aryan Brotherhood shows them mixing and siding with mexicans. Please ask them where they stand on the wetback invasion.

    5. Mark Faust Says:

      He will explain about the AB and what they are about…..Listen in.

    6. Walter Mitty Says:

      Itz amazing how some people discover they are White in prison. Something they should have figured out before they went away. Same goes for those who find God in prison.

      Generally, criminals are terminally imature. You find very few real political prisoners like Chester Doles, or, Shaun Walker.

      Btw, the father of those kids in Idaho has to be nutz for paying his business rent of $1200 dollars a month while his children suffer. I’m glad you are thinking of helping the children—but—their dad needs an olde time counseling session.

    7. John Says:

      Still didn’t address their 35 year aliance with the mexican mafia?

    8. Walter_Mitty Says:

      When is the adult supervision returning?

    9. Terry Phillips Says:

      A price list for Mr. Armstrong’s business is posted over on the forum:

    10. jimbo Says:

      cheque’s “in the mail” (really!)….should arrive @ the Pocatello p o box some-time early next week!

    11. Reichsfuhrer-Sd Says:

      To begin with my brother and I are not from California. We are from Alabama and our stand on the tater picking,burrito rolling,taco vending towel wearing mexicans is FUCK THEM. Alliance with the mexican mafia is something that my Bros in cali are doing there and has nothing to do with what we are trying to do out here in the free world. I f you have never been to prison then you dont know what you are talking about.Its a different world. The mexicans side with the whiter during any racial wars that break out in prison. We are out numbered there like 10 to 1 and an aliance is helpful. So if you dont like what the AB has to offer then you are probably to weak to even be a member anyway. What we are doing has nothing to do with the AB. We are out of prison trying to set a positive example for younger generations.

      Sieg Heil,

    12. Mark Faust Says:

      Well said Joey.

    13. jsmith1488 Says:

      Why haven’t they posted my reply??? And that was Riki’s reply by the way which was VERY GOOD!!!!

    14. Booger Says:

      This was a good show,are white people starting to wake up?Knights of the Nordic Order has a nice ring to it.As far as disinformation about the AB,remember who all your mainstream news is filtered through.Hail White Victory!

    15. Bill Henderson Says:

      If required, I can design a website for Mr. Armstrong

      Please contact me

    16. James Armstrong Says:

      I would like to thank all those generous people in our country who responded to your broadcast of our situation. We have had several responses and calls to help. To update you, both families are now in homes of their own. Our business has picked up and we will be updating our pricelist and hope to have a catalog and updated web-site soon. Unfortunately we are also feeling the critisizm of individuals who have published false information about us on their web-pages and blogs. It is sad to see people like this. May God help them see the error of their ways. JA