6 October, 2007

Wyoming Gun Lawsuit

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The state of Wyoming sued the BATFE and is appealing the court ruling. This matter stems from the 1996 Lautenberg Act, which came from Jewish senator Frank Lautenberg. It prohibits citizens from owning guns if they have been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence [1][2]:


[1] about the Lautenberg Act: [Here]

[2] more about gun control laws: [Here]

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  7. 3 Responses to “Wyoming Gun Lawsuit”

    1. I.B. White Says:

      I remember when Clinton abolished the right of non violent felons to own guns after serving their time.

      In my home state a non violent ex con automatically had his/her rights restored after five years of leaving the penitentiary.

      The bleached blonde talking head on the news who announced it was downright giddy about it. Of course the media never once mentioned that felons could regain their gun rights until the day they announced that it was taken away.

      And, Lautenberg had the unintended effect of putting thousands of cops who were convicted of domestic abuse on the rubber gun squad, and there was even discussion about exempting police officers but the congress realized that not only would feminists and citizens would flip but, it violated the equal protection clause so that idea was nixed.

      The same AZ Sheriff who sued to get part of Brady overturned (because requiring background checks was an unfunded mandate to the states) wrote an article explaining that there are so many cops who can’t carry guns now that there aren’t enough desk and jail jobs for them, but their agencies can’t fire many of them.

      But, if the law is overturned then those who were fired, demoted or passed over will have to be compensated for back pay and lost promotions. So, either way Frank Lautenberg unintentionally screwed the cops nationwide but good!

    2. Luek Says:

      Why is it that every damned assinine domestic violence law proposed or passed has the effect of causing copious amounts of blood to flow to the genitals of the stupid assed American public?

      This Lautenberg Act has to have been one of the most idiotic ideas to come around since electing Clinton President TWICE! (and probably again)

    3. sgruber Says:

      In answer to Luek’s question: because White America has been under violent assault by niggers for so long – and it thinks passing a law (an orderly ritual) will solve all problems.

      The chain of irrational thinking goes like this:

      “1. Niggers are raping, robbing, killing, destroying – fewer and fewer places where I can be White, safe, civilized.

      “2. I can’t blame niggers, that would be racist.

      “3. I will blame ‘violence.’

      “4. What is the most effective tool of violence? Guns.

      “5. Good government solves all problems. Laws are extremely important and everyone obeys them or else is swiftly punished.

      “6. Outlaw guns, problem solved.”

      This chain of idiocy, bullshit, and outright delusion is what’s behind some Kwan’s supporting gun laws. Let’s examine it, shall we?

      1. = True
      2. = Outright delusion.
      3. = Idiocy.
      4. = Sort of true, sort of stupid.
      5. = Idiocy. But typical White thinking that sort of works for us among our own kind.
      6. = The fucked conclusion.