30 November, 2007

“Blowback From Moscow”

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“Yet the hubris of Bill Clinton and George Bush I, and the Russophobia of those they brought with them into power…” “Russophobia” – there’s an important term to remember. That phobia seems to be growing, now that it’s clear that Russia won’t follow the Zionist/NWO game plan, e.g., Russia sold missiles to Syria in 2005, which wasn’t good for Israel. Bottom line: world Jewry doesn’t trust Russia, which automatically means that America doesn’t, either [1][2]:


[1] about the composition of the Clinton administration: [Here]

[2] an example of the Clinton administration’s hostility toward Russia: [Here]

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  7. 10 Responses to ““Blowback From Moscow””

    1. anti hooder Says:

      it’s interesting that the british are rarely mentioned in these worldly fiascoes… The BP, opec and aramco, etc was sponsored by the back stabbing Brits… their MI6 gang of corruptors have been in the area for a long long time….wasn’t sir lawrence of arabia a Brit KING MAKER ??? piss on them all and their oil nose rings….solar, and other energy systems will be a solution if the big oil globalists are shot …. the control these jerks have is unreal…the patent offices do not seem to want to provide info regarding new FREE alternative energy sources…. their time is now !!

    2. Billy Daniels Says:

      We European Americans have a hard time grasping how much Jews hate all of us, sometimes in waves, sometimes for cause, sometimes just to destroy (see Book of Joshua). That Jews hate ethnic Russians is neither surprising nor unpredictable.

      It took them from 1933 when they declared war on Germany until 1941 (eight years) to whip the White Americans into attacking Germany, but they have been reducing this whipping time to months in the cases of Serbia and Iraq.

      We really need to grow up and identify Jewish hate for this or that country as a single hatred, albeit expressed differently from time to time. Get used to it. They hate us.

      Their vocabulary (shiksa, goyim, shabbos goy) emphasizes their claim to supremacy and their willingness to smother our diversity in every media they dominate. We forgive so easily that we can barely remember their hatreds.

    3. zoomcopter Says:

      I like Pat Buchanan. He has an excellent grasp of history. If I remember correctly, he once called Capital Hill “Israeli occupied territory” which doomed whatever slim chances he had for becoming president. He was right then and even more so today. It is pure insanity to place American missles in Poland, right on Russia’s doorstep. President Putin is correct in seeing this as a direct threat against Mother Russia. The so-called “threat” from Iran, which has no ICBMs and no Nukes, is non-existent and is simply a straw man, designed to conceal the fact that Jewish interests in the U.S. want us to target Russian ICBMs before they achieve maximum velocity. To stop ICBMs in the launch phase would render Russia’s military impotent. Russia is backing Iran and that fact is a very real threat to Jews everywhere. Jews declared war on Germany before WW2 began and 100 million White men died. It is of small concern to them, if 100 million more die. If it means that Israel will no longer be threatened, by Iran or Russia, they will allow 100 million more Whites to die to achieve their goal of ruling the world from their holy city of Jerusalem. What Patrick J. Buchanan does not tell you, about the Russian Oligarchs, is that of the 9 Oligarchs which robbed Russia blind, 8 were Jews. Were he to reveal that, he would be out of a job, tomorrow, and attacked as being anti-semitic, just for merely stating facts. President Vladimir Putin has sent many of these Jewish Oligarchs back to Israel where they are protected by the Jewish state. One of the other Oligarchs, Boris Berezovsky, was forced into exile to England, where he is protected by the Jews there. Boris Berezovsky, a billionaire, finances various schemes designed to overthrow President Putin. All the Oligarchs have such a strong love for Russia that they bled her mercilessly under the watchful eye of a drunken Boris Yeltsin. Yeltsin pimped out thousands of beautiful Russian women for the price of a bottle of vodka and a dacha in the country. Putin is a sober man who understands that Russia is under attack. He loves his people and wants Russia to survive. It would be an entirely different matter if our leaders had our interests, as White Americans, at heart. But they don’t. Bush and Cheney could care less. They have the interests of Israel at heart, not White Americans. That’s why they haven’t been impeached, because they serve Jewish interests, not ours. Just look at the war in Iraq. There was no threat to America, no “mushroom cloud” on the horizon, no missles that could reach America, only a few scuds which might reach Israel, if the wind was blowing right. The war in Iraq was, and will be, for a long time, a war for Israel. Only for Israel. If there is to be a war with Russia, it will be a war for the interests of Israel, not ours. Jews have bought out both political parties, lock, stock and barrel. Make no mistake about it, there IS a world war going on right now. It pits the forces of Jewry against their historic enemy, us, the White Man. If the Jews can dominate and control Russia, the game is over. The fat lady will have sung. It may be over already. We, here in America are now under Jewish control. It is only a matter of time before free speech is curtailed and we enter into a dark, dangerous age. The recent Vanity Fair Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential Americans is over 50 per cent Jewish. It is a sign of our times that the balance of power has shifted under our feet as we drink our beer and watch Jewish television. 90 per cent of the population can’t read the writing on the wall. It is time for all of us to realize that White people in Russia are our racial kinfolk. We must never again enter into a self-defeating war where Whites are killing Whites. We must unite as White people to fight our common enemy which seeks to destroy us by whatever means necessary.

    4. Marwinsing Says:

      Take Vladimir Putin and put him next white Western leaders like George ‘Lucifer’ Bush and Gordon ‘The Freak’ Brown. Who stands out as The Man and makes the other two look like castrated eunuchs or court jesters??

      Hail Putin.

    5. Marwinsing Says:

      Ugh sorry next to.

    6. John Says:

      The jews have a long history of hatred for the Russian people. My hope for the future is for a strong Russia to ally with a jew free nationalist Germany. If his were to happen it would be the end of the jews in Europe.

    7. sgruber Says:

      We once again need a leader willing to say:

      If international jewry – inside or outside Europe – succeeds once again in thrusting the world into war, the result will not be the death of Europe, the result will be the elimination of the jew in Europe!

      There is a solution to the jewish problem.

    8. Carpenter Says:

      Now that’s a good Buchanan piece. He talks about the oligarchs who looted Russia – I don’t doubt he knows, even though he doesn’t say it, that the majority of them were Jews. So were the three men from Harvard who invented “shock therapy,” which amounted to selling off state assets way too fast for way too little money; Jews working from the inside making sure Jews on the outside can buy the country for peanuts.

      Putin was right in crushing the oligarchs. However, he is not a nationalist. He allows non-White immigration to European Russia, and not just from the provinces in the east, but from outside the country too. And he has Jews in his government. His three loyal youth organizations vehemently denounce all critics as “fascists.” And Putin has introduced very hard laws against “racists”, for example, that people can be fired from public employment if they are involved in “racist” activism.

      There are not just two sides in world affairs. Putin runs his own show, and is neither on our side nor on the neocons’ side. His case calls for a lot of nuance, and you won’t find any clear answers.

    9. AmericaFIrst Says:

      If Putin is 100% aware tragedy of WW 1 and 2 all that happened to the Czar and how the West was subverted to allow its own suicide, he has to be careful. Really now, you now dam well if he came right like a W.N. the enemy Aliend who runs all of the Western media and is trying to fully censor the internet now would flip their kosher wigs to go after him. The alien press already needles and slams putin at every chance.

      What ever Putin is you tell us what he could do differently considering the World as it is now?

    10. AmericaFIrst Says:

      If Putin is 100% aware of all the details of the tragedy of two so called World wars along with the truth of the murder of the Czar along with the criminal removal the Russian government back in 1917 and how all of the West got to be subverted by the enemy aliens of all Western people he has to be careful.

      Really now, you know dam well if Putin came out in the open like a W.N. the Westen enemy alien press would flip their kosher wigs, as they alreday give him bad press every day. The Neo NKVD stir the idiots here to hate him everday.

      What ever Putin really is, what can he do differently and still keep breathing. Look at the enemy aliens did to Serbia.

      What could one do in any Nation with the enemy aliens causing wars and are inbedded in every Western Nations governent right now?