25 November, 2007

Buchanan’s New Book

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Lots of “mainstream” Americans will read it, which is good. Note the mention of neoconservatism:


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  7. 3 Responses to “Buchanan’s New Book”

    1. Carpenter Says:

      “Bush’s invasion of Iraq was a product of hubris and of ideology, a secular religion of ‘democratism,’ to which Bush was converted in the days following 9/11”

      No. The neocons are Jews, not Democrats. When anti-occupation parties are banned, the media controlled, the largest Middle Eastern news network thrown out, 24,000 of the occupied are in jail without a trial, the approved are parties given millions of dollars for their campaigns in a dirt-poor country, and villagers are told by their clan leaders to vote for the decided-upon candidate or have their homes burnt down, while in other places the U.S. military just hands out the ballots for the entire region to a clan leader who then hands them back the next day, there is no democracy.

      Still, the book can’t hurt too much, I guess. The other themes are good, even if he is tip-toeing around the causes to the problems.

    2. -jc Says:

      Why are their no WalMarts in Afghanistan? (They’re all Targets.)

      “Other U.S bombing targets hit are impossible to ‘explain’ in terms other than the U.S seeking to inflict maximum pain upon Afghan society and perceived ‘enemies’: the targeted bombing of the Kajakai dam power station, the Kabul telephone exchange, the Al Jazeera Kabul [headquarters] office, trucks and buses filled with fleeing refugees, and the numerous attacks upon civilian trucks carrying fuel oil. Indeed, the bombing of Afghan civilian infrastructure parallels that of the Afghan [military].” http://www.j-n-v.org/AW_briefings/ARROW_briefing011.htm

      That Buchanan doesn’t point and scream “Jew” at other panelists on The McLaughlin Report as if they were Body Snatchers only means he may continue to be invited to participate and lend a little balance. I understand that many posting here haven’t the stomach for politics but consider that there is neither nothing so useless as either a politician that does not get re-elected or a guest whose comments are edited-out and is not re-invited.

      And, so, I submit that you don’t piss on the help– you utilize and appreciate them until you’ve got something better and then make the change continuing to treat them with due respect in the process.

    3. Fr. John Says:

      Buchanan KNOWS who’s behind all this. Yet he is YELLOW, and cannot or WILL not bring himself to speak out, like Fr. Feeny or McLoughlin did in a prior age, or as Hal Turner is doing today.

      He would have been a very good president in a former age, but his innate cowardice made him get passed by.

      Ron Paul for President ’08.