29 November, 2007

Classifying Queerness

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Why isn’t homosexuality classified as a disorder? [Article].

About Dr. Spitzer and the 1973 effort to delist homosexuality as a mental disorder: [Here]. Dr. Spitzer mentioned as being Jewish: [Here].

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    1. Classifying faggots, queers, homos, gays, and sexual deviants/degenerates « The Politically Correct Apostate Says:

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    2. Fr. John Says:

      Excellent article. As to Spitzer being Jewish, I would not doubt it. The talmudic mind for absolving themselves of even FUTURE sins, [kol nidrei] allows them to be as evil and lascivious as they like, without the psychological restraint of punishment, as the more biblically and ultimately salvatory concept of ‘confession’ of sins to a priest.

      Add to that, their lust for the beautiful bodies and faces of Nordic Christendom that they lack in their AshkeNAZI genetics, and you can see why the perverted among them, were in the forefront of the ‘gay lib’ movement, which started in ‘Jew York City’.

      It’s clearly apparent that not only is their some innate psychological warp going on in jewry, but a racial envy as well, of the Christian European. But then, Esau/Edom ALWAYS was envious of Jacob/Israel. [Gal. 6:16]

    3. Coup d'Etat Says:

      In all psychology books, homosexualty was classified as deviant behavior associated with psychosis that manifested from childhood. In 1985, the egalitarian network of jews who have taken over the printing presses/media decided in order to promote homosexuality, the classification that so discriminated homosexuals had to be banned and no longer talked about as a science; a part of the dumbed-down approach to a behavior that is socially destructive. But, that is what jews are anyway — destructive.

    4. sgruber Says:

      HERE is an educational film from the 50s entitled “BOYS BEWARE.”

      It shows homos picking up young men and warns that “homosexuality is a sickness of the mind.” It also warns that young men are raped and killed by homosexuals, who are presented as the true sickos that they are.

      If only Leather Larry “Wide Stance” Craig had seen this vid! It might have made a difference! Probably not.

      HERE‘s some conjecture that homoism is a physical disease.



    6. abe foxman Says:

      Well Uncle Adolf knew how to cure them….one way or another! Them? Well Jews and deviates of course.

    7. abe foxman Says:

      Jews never fail to amaze me. They spin any line to try and dupe gentiles. This crock that homosexuality is normal is just typical of their bulldust.
      The fact is Jews are sexual deviates who just love morally corrupting gentiles by preying on young and old victims of childhood abuse at the hands of parents they have led to mammon.
      To this observer, homosexuality is another form of childhood rebellion. Its victims are weak willed and involuntarily lack self discipline but are driven by a need to control (maybe that’s why jews just love em). It is most common in persons who as a child likely experienced abuse from the father along with serious emotional detachment from their mother. The acceptance of their own homosexuality is triggered by their realization either consciously or subconsciously of mans weakness to sexual lust and a recognition that it is a means to emotional domination without having to shed the barriers they have erected to their childhood abuse.
      Adopting either the dominant or submissive role has the same result in their mind.
      They simply adopt a feminine response to crisis and look to emotional support and consolation from their own sex.
      The sickness is in this emotional consolation taking on an ungodly physical bent, and that is what the Jews encourage most.

    8. John Says:

      The fags would be nowhere without the jew support, that is why we need to eliminate them ASAP.

    9. King Says:

      I am really not trying to be rude, but there are many strange comments on here that reflect what most are afraid of or hate. I don’t support gay marriage, but still have you not noticed how close your website could be confused wit a homosexual site, for example gayfire.com which this site is goyfire.com. Just thought whom ever created this site should have been wiser in choosing a better more “PRO AMERICAN”….if you want to use the term…. name? It would be a bit wise to change the name if you dont want any people to confuse this place for same sex marriage supporters.