3 November, 2007

Italy Getting Tough on Immigrants

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Let’s hope that this attitude spreads throughout Europe: [Article].

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  7. 4 Responses to “Italy Getting Tough on Immigrants”

    1. Vaultner Says:

      That’s what we need here!

    2. sgruber Says:

      A little camp of non-White scum is evicted and kikes foresee decades of international persecution.

    3. r Says:

      Actually, the suspect in the murder of Signora Reggiani is an ethnic Romanian, Nicolae Mailat, not a gypsy — and the shantytowns are not inhabited exclusively by gypsies, who mainly commit petty crime. They’re not publicizing the suspect’s name to play down the fact that Romanians themselves are responsible for more violent crime in Italy – as are Slavic groups elsewhere in Europe – than Roma. Italians, of course, are sick of both Romanians and Roma, but the culprit here, again, is a Romanian.

    4. r Says:

      Photo of the culprit, courtesy of (Jewish-founded, Communist) Adev?rul:


      My Romanian’s not up to speed, but he is described as “?iganul rom├ón”, Romanian gypsy (or Zigeuner). So, I could well be wrong — but in any case, the whole lot of them ought to be thrown back to their miserable dungheap.