28 November, 2007

Justice for the General?

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Elderly ex-Nazis are always prosecuted, or at least deported, for past crimes – even if they didn’t commit any. Yet elderly Jews always manage to escape punishment. (A better-known example of that is Salomon Morel) [1][2]:


[1] about Morel: [Here]

[2] about communism in Poland: [Here]

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  7. 2 Responses to “Justice for the General?”

    1. Scramasax Says:

      The fact that the old Jewess dismisses the actual incident gives your opinion even more legitimacy that she will receive the Morel treatment. The righteous Polish woman should use Britain’s insane immigration policy to her advantage, by publicly telling Islamic youths where a Jewish professor and his former Communist wife live…

    2. Hans Schneider Says:

      it would be far easier to hunt down Israeli soldiers that shoot and hurt palestinian women and children.
      In 50 years from now they will still pretend to hunt “Nazis” in order to deflect attention from their own gastly crimes against Palastinians.