10 November, 2007

Los Angeles Bans “N-Word”

Posted by Socrates in California, New World Order, political correctness, Socrates at 3:53 pm | Permanent Link

Even though this city resolution is symbolic, it still amounts to a governmental entity taking action against a certain type of speech:


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  7. 9 Responses to “Los Angeles Bans “N-Word””

    1. lawrence dennis Says:

      Of course, this so-called ban only applies to non-niggers who refer to niggers as niggers. Niggers will continue to be able to call each other nigger (or “nigga,” in the bastardized patois they speak) with little fear of approbation.

    2. CZ Says:

      The word nigger isn’t dead I witnessed it raised from the dead on Halloween by 2 niggers calling each other nigger.

    3. Wolf Says:

      How about nigra? Can we say that? How about coon, spearchucker, toby, tar baby, groid, chimp, subhuman, savage, monkey, mooley, etc, etc..

    4. lawrence dennis Says:

      Oops, I meant “reprobation,” not “approbation.”

    5. Mark Says:

      Nigger comes from niger, Latin for black, e.g., Nigerians. Are they going to ban negro as well, the Spanish/Portuguese word for black? It’s absurd that the banning of language is legislated, even if only symbolic. What country do these people think they’re living in? Why don’t these idiots just go ahead and say that anything blacks, Jews, and non-whites find offensive from whites will put whites in jail. Might as well take their absurdity to the full extent. We can’t have anyone with hurt feelings, wouldn’t want people to emotionally evolve past kindergarten.

    6. Not an el negro Says:

      The whole city of L.A. needs to be banned. I just took a look at the LA blog, and the guy has put up some pictures of last week’s jew directed fag bash in L.A.

    7. tensile media Says:

      El negro those pictures are proof the jews have completely destroyed America. That guy is kind of funny who writes the blog but he still gets the point across. I like the fact he mentioned who’s responsible. I wouldn’t want to see that crap in person. The other posts on his blog are pretty good for the most part. http://lasucksbigtime.blogspot.com/ He did the one about the niggers lying about being injured in a schoolyard fight with white security guards that is funny. He needs to write a few more about niggers and jews.

    8. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      Wha …?! Spics can’t say NIGGER any more? You know that is who the law is for. I seriously doubt the few Whites left in Los Angeles use the dreaded N-word (either out of political correctness, trying to “prove” how un-racist they are or just plan fear of losing their jobs.) And you also know that niggers are still allowed to say it if they want to.

      I prefer DESTROYERS OF CIVILIZATION over NIGGER any way. I hope the Arboreal Americans are less offended by that. =)

    9. Bob White Says:

      Hey Chief Bratton NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER