28 November, 2007

Morrissey on Immigration in the UK

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His comments are much needed these days. Morrissey has a large fan base in both Europe and America. Maybe those sentiments will spread:


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  7. 6 Responses to “Morrissey on Immigration in the UK”

    1. James Hawthorne Says:

      This song was written by Morrissey in the 1970’s when the National Front was riding high.

      David, the wind blows
      The wind blows …
      Bits of your life away
      Your friends all say …
      “Where is our boy ? Oh, we’ve lost our boy”
      But they should know
      Where you’ve gone
      Because again and again you’ve explained that
      You’re going to …

      Oh, you’re going to …
      Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
      England for the English !
      England for the English !

      David, the winds blow
      The winds blow …
      All of my dreams away
      And I still say :
      “Where is our boy ? Ah, we’ve lost our boy”
      But I should know
      Why you’ve gone
      Because again and again you’ve explained
      You’ve gone to the …

      National, ah …
      To the National ..
      There’s a country; you don’t live there
      But one day you would like to
      And if you show them what you’re made of
      Oh, then you might do …

      But David, we wonder
      We wonder if the thunder
      Is ever really gonna begin
      Begin, begin
      Your mom says :
      “I’ve lost my boy”
      But she should know
      Why you’ve gone
      Because again and again you’ve explained
      You’ve gone to the :

      To the National
      To the National Front Disco
      Because you want the day to come sooner
      You want the day to come sooner
      You want the day to come sooner
      When you’ve settled the score

      Oh, the National
      Oh, the National
      Oh, the National
      Oh, the National
      Oh, the National

    2. Doug Says:

      Amazing! The comments after the story tell the true tale of how things are in the UK and elsewhere. Could it be possible the more left leaning folk of the world are in a state of waking up and giving their heads a shake?

    3. anti hooder Says:

      He’s competing with the goofy prince charles and his cast of foozebags !!! as long as the privy council runs the show, he might just move to africa or asia….the goofy prince would pay his way !!

    4. yeeuh Says:

      The Moz is true Brit.


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    6. yeeuh Says: