29 November, 2007

Nixon Worried About Israel Acquiring Nuclear Weapons

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Of course he did. Who wouldn’t be concerned about the world’s most paranoid and racist people getting their hands on nukes? [1]:


[1] Jewish behavioral traits: [Here]

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    1. R. Olds Says:

      This whole story is a croc of shit! The israelis (jews) already had the nuclear bombs at the time JFK entered office. This was a big point of contention between JFK and Ben Gurion. Old Ben had Jack wacked using buddy Meyer Lansky to orchestrate the job. What was also known was that israel was developing the Chinese nuclear program at the time too- parallels today’s technology transfers by jew subterfuge. Johnson was israel’s buddy trippling the tribute to israel and provding them with A-4 & F-4 aircraft with nuclear bomb delivery systems unlike the French aircraft they had previously been using and that JFK wasn’t willing to supply them with. The interesting point in the article has the Army general was worried about nuclear missiles which are different development and probably what Nixon was referring to and whoever wrote this crap is purposely hoping that no one would know the difference and would think that little israel had no nukes till 1973.

      This story is designed to make Kissinger look like a statesman of the USA instead of the jew tool and destroyer of the world that he actually is. I guess they’re preping an obituary. If your curious you can check the banned book “Final Judgement” by Piper Collins (?)it covers the israeli nuclear program and direct relationship to what happened to JFK for pissing off the yahoudi’s.

    2. Marwinsing Says:

      …then in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties Israel became pally with the South African Apartheid nuclear scientists and there was much note-swapping there. I know because my uncle was involved (couriering military aircraft to Israel) – then along comes kike Kissinger and sells Southern Africa off to the Noble Savage!

      Kissinger fooled and deceived those Afrikaners.

      But these god-fearing Afikaners fool themselves too.

      To this day the encumbrant Afrikaner ex-apartheid president, that white traitorous swine a.k.a F. W de Klerk says on his website homepage, “Continuing the miracle into South Africa’s second decade.”

      Whoa? – F. W de Klerk calls the genocide of his people a ‘miracle?’

    3. Marwinsing Says:

      “Go on VNNers… now go SPAM the swine!” [:-))

    4. AmericaFIrst Says:

      wasn’t it De Klerks ex wife who as murdered by her house servants????

    5. AmericaFirst Says:

      The Chicom’s had their first A bomb burst in 1964 after JFK, got rubbed out, and it wasn’t the USSR that gave them the know how, you what I am saying. Pollards stolen secrets from US went directly to Itsalie, and then straight to the chicoms.

      There you go.

    6. AmericaFirst Says:

      As for Dr. K and this Nixon period get a copy of “Silent Coupe” by Len Collenday and Todd Gettlin. This book if you read it, you will understand why you never heard of it.