22 November, 2007

Ron Paul Newspaper Ad

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A good ad: [Here].

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  7. 8 Responses to “Ron Paul Newspaper Ad”

    1. Meetup groups? Says:

      I post here, inasmuch as email often appears more like snailmail:

      Meetup groups?
      Ron Paul has more meetup groups than all other candidates combined.

      Ron Paul has more meetup members than all other candidates combined.

      Ron Paul members have hosted more events than all other candidates combined. Not even slightly more, not merely twice as many, not merely 3 times as many, but around 4 times as many as ALL OTHER CANDIDATES COMBINED!

      Paul’s 80,000 members vs. Clinton’s 2,200???!!! Can you say … let’s see … OVER 30 TO ONE!

      Exclamation point!

      Hope you’re having an appreciative Thanksgiving!
      All here: http://www.meetup.com/topics/polact/cand/

      Hillary Clinton: http://hrclinton.meetup.com/about/

      Groups: 38
      Commies: 2273
      Cities: 33
      Cuntries: 3
      Events: 204

      Obama: http://barackobama.meetup.com/about/

      Groups: 65
      Members: 5541
      cities: 57
      countries: 4
      events: 660

      Kucinich: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/about/

      Groups: 66
      Members: 4545
      Cities: 62
      Countries: 1
      Events: 2132

      Giuliani: evidently, no interest

      Romney: http://mittromney.meetup.com/about/

      Groups: 5
      Members: 41
      Cities: 5
      Countries: 1
      Events: 1

      Huckabee: http://mikehuckabee.meetup.com/about/

      Groups: 146
      members: 2436
      Cities: 138
      Countries: 1
      Events: 144

      But … but … but … what about Ron Paul?: http://ronpaul.meetup.com/about/

      Groups: 1223

      Members: 73865 (80,000 as of November 20)

      Cities: 953

      Countries: 25

      Events: 15056

    2. Walter Mitty Says:

      Notice that the advertisment does not mention Ron Paul on homosexuality, and other forms of sexual perversion. Don’t be shocked when you find out Paul is a sexual libertarian, or is it libertine, too. Particularly, all of you Kevin Strom critics. LOL

      Btw, between Obama and Paul, we will probably see thousands of crackheads, and other dopers running the streets again.

      Also, notice that Paul is saying that younger people will be able to transition out of Social Security—but—transition to WHAT? Jew controlled Wall Street. Face it, the jews will back Paul if they think they can get their claws on the Social Security Trust Fund. LOL.

      Btw, don’t forget that the jews have a lock on investment banking in the US—very few shares of publically traded stock are issued without the jews getting their cut!

      Don’t forget that Paul is also a libertine on drugs too. LOL

    3. Rudolf the Red Nosed German Says:

      Sorry, I don’t believe in the RP Revolution. Anyone who seriously believes he will “abolish the IRS and the Fed” and “end income taxes” is insane.

      More madmen listening to a fool. Good luck, everyone.

    4. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      I want the borders closed and no more Middle East wars for Israel. Anything more than that from an American politician is icing.

    5. FreedomFry Says:

      Bring the troops home and stop fighting wars for Israel and get rid of the many unconstitutional agencies and departments and you can get rid of the IRS.

      With a stable gold backed currency people can save for retirement without giving Wall Street a cut.

    6. HATE Says:

      Perverts and minorities,these are mere symptom. Ron Paul is attacking the disease, the mechanism feeds the trolls e g federal government set-aside preferential treatments and hate crime laws. By restoring the Constitution of ethics and merits, homos back into the closet,and the minorities segregate naturally.

    7. sgruber Says:

      Yes, Paul wants to cut off the food to the perverts, parasites, professional niggers and spics, and most of all – cut off the jew’s food: the federal reserve and Israel assistance!

      We must strike at the root. Culturally, this means teaching White Nationalism, educating our people. Politically, it means kill ZOG. How to kill ZOG? With the ballot box or the bullet box. This will be an interesting election.

    8. Jaroslav Hus Says:

      You say: “But even if Paul doesn’t win the 2008 presidential election, his message is spreading rapidly. Ordinary people are starting to ask questions about U.S. foreign policy, the Federal Reserve system and taxes. They will also ask questions about the Constitution and governmental authority…”
      1. Same as Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul CAN NOT WIN because Americans are only enslaved species which do not understand that they are enslaved! Proof: Only one political party – Demo/Reps or Repu/Dems – same shing.
      2. 200 Million whiteys in USA are no capable of having their own media – TV, Newspapers, Radio. So called “conservative” and “dissident” media are fake shing!
      3. Real fighters: David Duke and Bobby Fisher run away and can not come back and bunch of them or their families were murdered by masters watch dogs. Just to mention Rubby Ridge massacre or other individual freedom fighters murdered by rabid dogs.